Orange Box discount, beta access announced by Valve

The Orange Box-featuring Half-Life 2: Episode Two, Team Fortress 2, and Portal, as well as the complete Half-Life 2 experience to date-is now available for pre-purchase via Steam, a leading online platform for the distribution of PC games. Those who pre-purchase the PC edition via Steam before October 10th will save 10% off the $49.95 regular price and get exclusive access to the Team Fortress 2 beta.

Available at retail on October 10th in North America and October 12th in the rest of the world, retail copies of The Orange Box will be offered for an estimated price of $49.95 on the PC and $59.95 on the Xbox 360 console systems. The 10% pre-purchase discount also applies to these versions at participating retail outlets.

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MK_Red3939d ago

I hope this was not the big announcement (But sadly it is).

SwiderMan3939d ago

It's definitely GOOD news because it discounts each version considerably. But it's not earth-shattering, like something NEW.

sixaxis3939d ago

But what about ps3, will it also be available on october or what? Strange isnt it. I dont want to wait another fu*king month.

Crazy Larry3939d ago

If you're not much for waiting, you shouldn't have gotten a PS3.

ShiftyLookingCow3939d ago (Edited 3939d ago )

what about people who already own HL2 and HL2 episode 1?

edit: This is what I got from Steam
"Already own Half-Life 2 or Half-Life 2: Episode One?
Give your extra game as a gift to a friend when you purchase The Orange Box. Learn more here."
WTF?!? I will pick this game next year at a discount somewhere for 360, and I will probably remove Steam soon if not for CS:S

nirwanda3939d ago

you keep portal team fortress 2 ep2 and the popcap game get a $10 discount and play the team fortress 2 beta and sell hl2 and ep1 to a friend thus gain and even bigger discount bloody generous if you ask me especially with the beta thrown in.
no dought they will sell each separate on steam
and even people preordering from stores get a preorder discount

Korosuke3938d ago (Edited 3938d ago )

Why don't valve sell black box or something(EP2, TF2 and portal set) at same time ?
It's disgusting way of business.
It's better EP2, TF2 and portal set with more 5-10% discount than orange box for people already have HL2 and EP1.
At the time of the EP3 release, They might be sell us EP3 with HL2, EP1 and EP2.

Marceles3939d ago

I can't wait until the price of ps3/360 games go down. This $60 game trend is gettin old, but still picking it up

Excalibur3939d ago

In your area they have a 10% gamer card that helps quite a bit.
They often have the newer games at a discount on top of the discount card.
I picked up Stranglehold for $47.99 then the 10%off made it $43.20

Marceles3939d ago

I mostly buy my stuff online since I'm always in the office unless late at the shipping just adds on to the already expensive games.

Crazy Larry3939d ago (Edited 3939d ago )

There were MANY games that hit the $80-$90 mark for Genesis and SNES, (Phantasy Star 4, Final Fantasy 3/6, Shining in the Darkness, just name a few) and that was 15 years ago. $60 is a steal for that much entertainment.

Marceles3939d ago

Those were for a select few though, and only because they had more megabyte memory than the usual. I remember buying Street Fighter II for 60 bucks for the SNES, but that was understandable since Super Nintendo was a brand new system. Donkey Kong Country was even 60 bucks. But these are straight up, normal dvds that are $60 bucks and the systems have been out for awhile. I mean I'm still buying them, but how long are the games going to cost this much...never mind. The answer? When people stop buying them. When will that happen? Never lol...

Cysquatch3939d ago

I've yet to pay $60 for any damn game. I just rent it and if I like, pay the keep it price of $45 or less. I picked up Rainbow 6 and GRAW2 for even less ($42/each). That being said, i'll jump on the PC version of this just to get into the beta and then pick it up for the PS3 when it drops.

Macdory3938d ago

$60 is a lot for an expansion ... with a few extras thrown in ...

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