First Ninja Gaiden 2 trailer at midnight?

Just this morning the Japanese Xbox website featured the very first images of what appears to be Ninja Gaiden 2, the real sequel to the original Xbox game. Though the screenshot are very small and don't show much, at midnight we can perhaps watch the first trailer from Ninja Gaiden 2.

Why? On the US Xbox website a Countdown just appeared, which at the time of writing runs out in 6 hours. Altough there is not much to see, there is a Chinese/Japanese theme on the background, which could mean a trailer for Ninja Gaiden 2, or maybe just the official announcement. So keep watching the countdown!

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Evil0Angel3415d ago

the fact it will be revaled in not TECMO website is an indication that the game is 360 exculsive

lonestarmt3415d ago

hideo kojima showed up at the sony press conf, but there is still whispers that MGS4 may be coming to the 360 inventually, so this might just be coming to the ps3 in a later release. Team ninja said they were very pleased with the ps3 when they made sigma and they have been known to only work for the console he thinks is the most powerful.

monkey6023415d ago

I look forward to turning on my computer tomorrow and seeing this video posted on N4G. ;)

bung tickler3415d ago (Edited 3415d ago )

i cant wait to see this b1tch in full motion...

EDIT: i just though of this, it could even be a demo... wouldn't that be sweet...

VirusE3415d ago

[email protected] that is a crap load of blood in that screen shot!

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The story is too old to be commented.