6.5 Review: Tron Evolution Writes:

Giving a final verdict to Tron Evolution is a bit painful for me. I really wanted to love this game, I wanted it to be great as a fan of the franchise but the game falls short of my expectations. The biggest problem with Tron is that it is neither great nor terrible; it is a middle of the park video game. While some aspects of the title are strong such as the audio and parts of the combat, others are too weak such as the free running and vehicle sections. At times I was having a lot of fun with Tron and at others I was extremely frustrated due to the lacking controls and simple vehicle action. If you are a Tron nut you can certainly give this a go but don’t expect to the blown away.

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RonyDean2894d ago

I still think I'm gonna give it a shot. Just hoping the controls don't destroy it for me...