Naughty Dog: “We Have No Limits” On The PS3

RipTen was lucky enough to catch up with Naughty Dog at the 2010 VGAs – not surprisingly, they made some bold statements about what it’s like to be a PS3 exclusive developer.

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NAGNEWS2920d ago (Edited 2920d ago )

well that is a good news

Edited; even if you're positive with trolls on N4G you will get disagree anyway

deadreckoning6662920d ago (Edited 2920d ago )

"Edited; even if you're positive with trolls on N4G you will get disagree anyway"

Your baiting them with that statement. Thats probably way you have an excess of disagrees. Your also likely getting disagrees for not acknowledging that every console has a matter how powerful.

The statement isn't meant to be taken literally.

"The PS3 isn't outdated yet"

1. Thats not the argument. The argument is whether or not Naughty Dog has limits on the PS3...and they do. If PS3 had no limits...then I guess we will never see a PS4 then right?

2. The PS3 ALONG with the 360 IS outdated as far as raw processing power. Both HD consoles are behind the latest PC tech by about 4 years.

"not really, you cant compare the ps3 design to a pc just doesn't make sense."

So, I can't compare the PS3 design to a PC, yet I see PLENTY of people on this site constantly comparing PS3 to 360 games graphically. How convinient lol.

"What do you want anyways? A new console every 3 years that costs 600 bucks just to say you have state of the art? Not to mention how every dev would never be able to keep up with hardware turn over rates like that..."

Heavens no. When did I say that? I'm just saying that the PS3 does have limits..thats all. Stop assuming dude.

jack_burt0n2920d ago

not really, you cant compare the ps3 design to a pc just doesn't make sense.

the ps3 is incredibly versatile if u have the time and money to configure it the way you want it thats what ND mean by this statement..

Dragon_Hiko2920d ago (Edited 2920d ago )

And why is it, that crysis 1, made how many years still the defacto game PC gamers point at for graphics? Yes Those PC developers are really paving the way aren't they?

What do you want anyways? A new console every 3 years that costs 600 bucks just to say you have state of the art? Not to mention how every dev would never be able to keep up with hardware turn over rates like that...

The more used to the machine devs get, the more flexibility they have. Which is exactly what ND is talking about. More experience, more flexibility which translates directly to better graphics.

gamesR4fun2920d ago (Edited 2920d ago )

spin twist and lie if wikileaks thought us anything its never to trust a mockingbird... Like the OP said you cant have a good story without it being trolled. Cant say anything pro sony without putting your bubs on the line...

So yeh good news for sony to have made a great piece of tech and thrown it wide open so devs like ND can do whatever they want with it. GOTY again Id say cant wait tho i need another full time job for all these games.

Cartesian3D2920d ago

from what I saw its not that wrong.. there is no limitation about storage , and if you can render a 720p picture with perfect textures and ultra high poly characters and environment in perfect 30 FPS then I think you are near that statement..

anyway I cant believe they choose MY F***ing birthday for release date

Biggest2920d ago

Really, Ripten? You guys did the interview. You know what he said and how he said it. Yet you quote things they way you want and try to change the context the way you want. And then you provide us with the video. He did say they have no limits. He also said that they don't have to worry about coding for other platforms. He didn't say anything bold there. He didn't hint at any other platform specifically. It is a 100% fact that developers can use all of their resources on one project if they only have one project to complete. He said what he said not to say that the PS3 is an all powerful god, but that they as a team have the time and resources to make the best possible experience on the PS3.

evrfighter2920d ago

"And why is it, that crysis 1, made how many years still the defacto game PC gamers point at for graphics? "

because developers like Crytek jumped the gun before they realized Crysis was indeed a hit and decided to develop for consoles. HAD they waited and saw that Crysis would sell millions...

we wouldn't be even talking about it and they would have never blamed piracy.

developers like steam continue to pave the way for console gamers. Gabe is single handedly prying the lid off of M$'s insane restrictions.

Ratchet5102920d ago

the ps3 is a lot more powerful than the 360 and pc. the ps3 is a, gaming, PC, blu-ray, wii, xbox360, satilite and a versatilite. Sony has their own products, hardware and software that are much better than pc and 360 and the ps3 has a 7 prossesor, 360 got 4, pc got 2-3. You pc fans keep forgeting that the ps3 is also a pc bacause it does everything the pc can do plus more.

kancerkid2920d ago

I am sure the developers meant that Sony puts no restrictions on what ND can or can not do with their game, story-wise, gameplay, etc. This is of course always a good thing to here, that they have creative freedom.

In fact, that is all I heard.

Of course PS3 is limited in its power, just like any other system. People who are saying "yea, PS3 is mad beast" didn't watch video or don't know what they are talking about.

iPad2920d ago

Bro, you always write a freaking essay on a gaming website.


iPad2920d ago (Edited 2920d ago )

Double post


DORMIN2920d ago

Naughty GODS.

Sure the hardware will eventually have limits, but I bet their creativity knows no bounds.

RageAgainstTheMShine2920d ago

"PS3 has no limits" at least the Naughty Gods have not reached it yet ..... if only Bunjie and Epic can make the same statement with the 360.... ND are the best at what they do!

RankFTW2920d ago


I don't know where to begin.

kancerkid2920d ago

What are people disagreeing with me for?

Naughty Dog said they have complete creative freedom under Sony, WHICH IS A GOOD THING.

No, they are not saying the PS3 has unlimited power, you are just hearing that.

finnhima2920d ago (Edited 2920d ago )

He sure did bait them. Especially with you deadreckoning, A well known 360 centric troll being the first to comment to his post.

randomwiz2920d ago (Edited 2920d ago )

@Ratchet510 & rrw

Having more spu's than my quad core i7 does not equate to having a more powerful system...

Using your logic, my GPU should be the most powerful thing ever because it has hundreds of cores.

inveni02920d ago

When was the last time someone said this about the PC or 360? I'm not sure they're just talking about hardware, though. I think they're talking about working with Sony. Plus, they're amazing. I don't even say that they're being "bold". They've already proven themselves. Saying that they're being bold would be like saying Michael Jordan is bold for wearing his six championship rings...

internalbit2920d ago

Is that why there are earth shattering ground breaking, out of this world graphic exclusive games coming out on PCs?

punkpop1012919d ago

Why the hell did you get disagrees by stating the obvius?Ps3 fanboys are the worst by far.At least they didn't storm my attempt at trying to downplay 360 just to see them agreeing for once.

Dee_912919d ago

no ...
theres a difference between the ps3 having no limit and Naughty Dog having no limits on the ps3 ..

hassi942919d ago

"And why is it, that crysis 1, made how many years still the defacto game PC gamers point at for graphics? Yes Those PC developers are really paving the way aren't they?"

I'm no PC fanboy but if you knew about PC gaming at all you'd realise there are games prettier than Crysis these days, for a few examples Crysis: Warhead, Metro 2033, GTAIV (with mods) and more. Crysis is referenced all the time because even now it is better looking than any PS3 game.

The reason that Crysis is still atop with the rest is due to the amazing programming that Crytek put into it. Computers now are only just getting powerful enough to run it at full SSAA, with ultra high settings at a ultra high resolution with 60fps. This is better than what Sony have done, people say Sony created a machine that games just keep getting better and better for. Well Crytek created a game that gets better and better looking as technology advances, with no actual change to the game itself! It's self improving, in a way, and that is one of the great things about PC gaming. I can play 10 year old games that look 5X better than they did when they came out just by tweaking my graphics cards settings.

Anyway, I'm not bashing sony in anyway, just stating my rebuttal to your point. I am an Xbox/PC player but I have great respect for Sony/Naughty Dog and what they can do with the limited hardware.

nickjkl2919d ago (Edited 2919d ago )

who remembers crysis 2007

8800 gtx direct x 9 1024x768 very high settings not getting 60 fps

gtx 580 directx 11 1900x1200 very high no AA still not getting 60 fps

now we just need to get to enthusiast levels with AA

Epicor2919d ago

Oh for god's sake guys. You are too busy doing your graphic wh*ring you don't see the point here. I don't think they are talkin about technical limititations. They are saying that they have free hands to do whatever they want. On other words Sony is not limiting their artistic view. And that's one of the main reasons why Sony has so great 1st and 2nd party developers.

SuperM2919d ago

Guys, when they say no limits they dont mean no graphical limit. They mean they have no limits in terms of what game they want to make. Example being the gameplay where nathan and sullivan is in a burning collapsing building. They can come up with an idea like that and they arent restricted by the hardware. They can basically make any kind of gameplay they want.

Thats why they have no limits. Other developers might say, "We cant do that, the hardware isnt powerfull enough to pull that off". Naughty Dog dont have to think like that. They can make whatever they want.

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rrw2920d ago (Edited 2920d ago )

Obviously they speaking figuratively but they have reason.

because of PS3 have 7 processor as suppose 3 for xbox and usual 2-4 for PC. it have over more combination and possibility than xbox and most of commercial PC.

Obviously if someone make custom PC to aim better than PS3 is possible but that also can be said that you can customize Ps3 to make 4 PS3 work at same times on same games which been trial on GT5 where it achieve amazing 120 FPS or ultra high resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels

Ducky2920d ago

Number of processors (or cores) doesn't really mean much.
It's the speed of those processors that matters more. Though, PS3's cores are quite fast so I guess your point still stands.

kaveti66162920d ago

An SPU is not a core. My god, you guys are naive.

Number of cores doesn't matter, at all.

BubloZX2920d ago

the ps3 doesn't have 7 processors. It has 1 Processor with 8 SPU's(which are not the same as standard processors)and 1 master SPU. only 6 are available to developers. 1 is there if a SPU fails and 1 is used for either 3D if you updated or otherOS if you didn't. the 360 has 3 cores with 2 processors on it. But either way both the ps3 and 360 are outta date as i5 and i7 core processors are way more powerful. However the cell is holding up to the i5 processors pretty well

Sarcasm2920d ago

Actually Bublo, the 360 has 3 cores and 2 threads each, not processors. The PS3 has 1 processor with 1 master SPU and 6 SPUs.

Pjuice2920d ago

k now compare the video cards which mean way more in gaming then proccessor anyway

Oner2919d ago

That is an "old" PC way of thinking. GPU's are great but the technology behind the PS3's Cell for 4+ year old technology shows...scratch that ~ actually PROVE's a high end GPU is not the $#@! 100% needed.

Think about it. If the PS3, a CONSOLE I remind you, can put out visually amazing titles in the form of it's exclusives that get compared to PC's then a bell and a light bulb should be going on in & over your head.

Pjuice2919d ago (Edited 2919d ago )

thats why supercomputers are finally harnessing gpu power and have the fastest ones running telsa taking up half the power as a mainly cpu supercomputer would.......gpus are proving to be more efficient in every aspect now not just gaming. do you know how many spu's video cards have in pcs now lol well the ati 5970 has 3200 that card has yet to find a game to tame it, even with a crappy cpu. if mainstream gaming was on pc graphics would be unbelievable right now. and the cell cpu is designed to take load of the gpu and does that but the main part inside your ps3 thats pushing those games is the old 7900gtx

nickjkl2919d ago (Edited 2919d ago )

oh lawd pjuice get your facts straight

the ps3 graphics capability comes from offloading equations that can be done faster on the cell processor onto the cell processor

rather than the old way of thinking which is to put graphics processing task on the gpu and computational tasks on the cpu

the ps3 is a gen ahead in thinking

its sorta what amd is doing now having cpu and gpu work together to increase processing capability

also the supercomputer that uses cell processors is one of the top 100 power efficient computers in the world

Pjuice2919d ago (Edited 2919d ago )

ya its a gen ahead lol thats why everyone is leaving it behind and cell is dead. cell will not be in your next ps4 but i bet you a really beefy video card will be and you can argue its faster than high end pc's video cards for the next lifecycle and still be wrong, and sony will still be making boatloads off gamers by locking a pc which is all the 360/ps3 is, a locked pc.


Pjuice2919d ago (Edited 2919d ago )

im sry cell is still going i was wrong about that just going a different route cause that tech is being left behind :-) because of performance issues, and the fastest supercomputer is now xeon and nvidia tesla by alot and doesn't use have the power cause of tesla how come the high and mighty cell isn't there? it used to be the jaguar which had amd cpu's again no cell in there?

BubloZX2919d ago

Yeah I called the threads processors cause I couldn't remember the actual name. But the ps3 has 8. There are pictures of the cell that highlight each SPU then the master SPU. I've actually took the cell outta my friends 80 phat after it broke

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Dsnyder2920d ago

Fact:Ps3 has no limits.

visualb2920d ago

come on now.

lets be realistic:



they haven't been reached yet

and thats insane...

Ratchet5102920d ago

that is true because sony said they dont need to make a ps4 because ps3 can do anything the next generation.

Dsnyder2920d ago

Naughty Dog is the most realistic company I know. If they say PS3 has no limits, then it has no limits. No need to even release PS4 sony. T3h CELL is infinite.

Dark_king2920d ago

O it has a limited but it requires alot of work to it stands now it can still fallback to a mix of local and cloud computing to increase performance.The clouds the limit here.

ct032920d ago

No limits? Then why are the Uncharted games in 720p, not 1080p? Please explain how this qualifies as "no limits".

madpuppy2919d ago

This is not very well known beyond a small circle of IBM Engineers and a few Highly paid physicists retained by Sony Corp. that the CELL processor has a quantum processing sub routine that controls a phase-shift engine that navigates through cosmic foam accessing a pocket dimension in the multi-verse where it gains infinite processing power from a matrix-core singularity.

Groovy, ain't it! :P

darksied2919d ago

I don't know about you, but I would like to see games on the ps3 with MLAA and in NATIVE 1080p, not up-scaled graphics. Now, if the ps3 has no limits, this should be possible. Please make it happen; my tv is now 52" and I'm now seeing the difference between a 1080p (still nice) picture and a 720p (ugh, not so much on 52").

SeanRL2919d ago (Edited 2919d ago )

The guy above has a point, the games are 720p, not 3D and Uncharted 3 only looks kind of better than 2. So they do have limits, and it's stupid to claim they don't

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Bathyj2920d ago

God, I really cant believe how butthurt people gt over these things.

Do I have to spell it out for you?

The PS3 cant render a billion billion polygons at [email protected]
Theres, it has a limit.
It cant run the 100m dash in under 10 seconds.
There, another limit.
It cant transport 20K colonist to Mars on a tank of grapefruit juice.

Wadda u no. Another limit.

I think is safe to say its meant to be taken figuratively not literally.

PS3's power is off the charts.
That DOES NOT mean we need to get new charts.
Grow up people.

The only part to need to worry about is

Ripten: Is it true Uncharted will push the PS3 further than any game thats come before.
ND: Its is true actually. (chuckles)

Ripten: What is like developing exclusively on PS3?

Ju2919d ago (Edited 2919d ago )

Well, they sure have a point. If you can focus on one hw platform you can squeeze out whatever you can/want.

This time, however, KZ3 impresses me far more. The fire shaders in UC3 look impressive, indeed, but KZ3 simply doubled what they did in KZ2. We need more UC3 footage to see what UC3 can really do. The trailer was impressive, but I doubt that plane crash was in the game.

I am still waiting when MP (3rd party) games are reaching KZ2/UC2 levels. None has so far (some came maybe close).

Its time studios treat the PS3 as a different platform, IMO.

Bathyj2919d ago

just dont hold youre breathe while your waiting. I fear you would turn blue.

Lets face it, no one is going to touch Sonys games for graphics this gen because no one else is focusing their efforts like them.

One platform to work on, the best platform a that, all those studios sharing knowledge. It just makes for many happy Playstation owners.

Ju2919d ago (Edited 2919d ago )

Yeah, you probably right. I still think if one would/could do it, it would be a EA studio. They did such things before - MLAA in Saboteur or now ME2 on new engine. It's not quite the same, but they broke away a little bit from platform parity.

It could be possible, me thinks. One would need to design an engine which ignores all memory limitation on the PS3 (use a full virtual model and the advantage of BD) and scale the other version down - or create another "virtual layer" (and remove the the "virtualization". You can always map to real memory if you can't stream, for example).

Such an engine would always use the highest possible texture resolution for example (look at those rocks in UC or KZ - no rock looks the same, etc.).

Currently, this is not the case. Most engine try to do the same on 360/PS3/PC platforms and just "plugin" modules for the proper HW platform. That will not be enough.

SuperM2919d ago

That planecrash wont be in the game you say? Oh how wrong you are. That plane is going to crash during gameplay. Im sure of it.

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BeOneWithTheGun2920d ago

@ratchet510. What? I am an avid PS3 gamer but there is no way a PS3 is more powerful than a good gaming rig. Come on, man. Sure it has blu-ray. Well, so do a lot of PCs. It can browse the internet? Sure, albeit a very clunky, limited browser. PC can scream through multiple browser pages at one time.

I love me my PS3 but saying it is better than this:

is crazy, bro.

Elit3Gamer2920d ago

I can make a Gaming Rig like that one for Half the price. ;)

BeOneWithTheGun2920d ago

Lol, me too. I'm not that A.D.D. where I wanted to build one just to copy and paste the text for him.

NeoBasch2920d ago

Slightly off topic, but the people in this pic look like they're all thinking the same thing:

"Don't make me kill you."


SaberEdge2919d ago

Any fixed hardware always has limits. That is obvious.

mastiffchild2919d ago

Look, I'm sure every systenm, every PC set up, every console has a limit but that uisn't what ND are really talkking about and are more talking about how happy they are to be able to put everything into ONER project because of their Sony relationshio allowing them to eke out more than many thought they could from PS3 hardware.

I'd also argue that NO system has yet been pushed as far as it could have been. My mate does things today on old systems and the things he does on old Z81s and the like are possibly more advanced than anyone, anywhere would have thought(or bothered finding out truth be told)possible-I doubt many ocould touch what he's done. Thing is they WOULD if tech didn't move so quickly.

Ctysis is a case in point for this argument. Crytek made a graphical/physics monster(patchy AI that can be brilliant at times but dumb others but that's a game oddity)but didn't do it the same way ND did U2 and UI3 on PS3 but the trad PC route of utilising the most cutting edge stuff out there in a trad manner to make their job easier and letting the tech rather than optimised coding do the bulk of the work.

Does this make ND b etter than Crytek Hell no! They just work differently as console and PC devs always have but there's something, in my mind, to be said for the console devs way of getting as much as possible out of a closed system where every game made for it works out the biox avoiding the will it/won't it work moment when your slightly aged PC takes in your new game disc! It's also worthy of noting that Crysis was the last gamee that caused a mass out break of upgrading rigs worldwidfe for a single game just to see it at full lick and since then I feel PC centric devs have been more realistic and fair about making their games run as well for as many PC gamers as possible rather than just us with top end machines-something akin to what ND or Bungie have been doing with ageing console tech for some long time and it's better for MORE consumers that devs work this way, imho. We don't want new consoles every other year with more horsepower and we don't want to upgrade our PC too often either so getting the most out of what we have seems a good idea esp in hard economic times.

Hving said that I'm a big enough ball of double standards to wet myself and run to the shops to sort out my rig(currently dead as a result of my children-sore point)should another Crysis style, system killing game come around on PC!! However, it still pleases me just as much to see the Wii, PSP, PS3, 3DO or 360 pushed further than we'd ever thought possible and if exclusives are how that's done then who cares?

egidem2919d ago

I think there is some misunderstanding here. I think what Naughty Dog is talking about is that they have no limit of freedom with what they have to do with the PS3. I mean, every uncharted game bested the previous one...they are going to do it again, you'll see.

showtimefolks2919d ago

when a great dev say something like this its hard to believe. i have seen gow3,uc2 etc,,,,

so call me what you want i will waite and see the next game that will blow me away should be uc3,tlg and resistance 3

but ND are the #1 devs in the business right now ITS A FACT

heroprotagonist2919d ago

I don't think they meant it literally.

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scar202920d ago

The question is are you for real?
*Looks at profile joined 35 days ago guess not*

kaveti66162920d ago

lmao. ollieboy joined 4 days ago and got 13 agrees for laughing at a guy who joined 35 days ago.

trolls trolling trolls. amazing.

waltyftm2920d ago

NEVER use that facepalm again you TROLL, Naughty dog FTW.

units2920d ago (Edited 2920d ago )

everything has limit especially outdated hardware

CrzyFooL2920d ago (Edited 2920d ago )

The PS3 isn't outdated yet.

lastdual2920d ago

Hardware has limits, but not talent and imagination, and Naughty Dog has plenty of that.