LA Noire 'moved' to 2009

Team Bondi's Playstation 3 detective thriller L.A. Noire has been "moved out" of Take-Two's fiscal year 2008 release schedule, announced today during the company's financial conference call. L.A. Noire, which will fall under the Rockstar Games banner and touts former Team Soho developers-of The Getaway fame-, was first announced in the summer of 2005 for a release on the PS3, part of an agreement to develop multiple Sony-exclusive titles. Little has been shown of the game outside of a pair of trailers and it doesn't look like we'll see much more of it any time soon.

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MK_Red3937d ago

I knew it. The game was almost invisible and the only thing we had was a CG trailer. Still, sad news.

frizshizzle3937d ago

Could still be released in 2008 their 2009 fiscal year starts November 2008.

nasim3937d ago

kotaku,ign,gamespot ,1up and affiliates ------these are setting up very bad examples of MEDIA BIAS

GAMESPOT was the site that started MS bootlicking(lost around 3m visitors ) and now some other NA websites have become lapdogs too

what a shame?

HaKeRsCanRotINHEL3937d ago

R* delaying a game. Oh' well, one more game to look forward too in '09. :)

resistance1003937d ago

Yep 2009 line up is shaping up nicely, so far we have Resi Evil 5, LA Noire and possibly God Of War 3?, FFVII remake?, Socom 4?

CrazzyMan3937d ago (Edited 3937d ago )

when Getaway 3 is coming, and 8 days, and GTA4 in 2008.

and Rockstar still have one new exclusive ip for ps3, also probably for 2008. =)

resistance1003937d ago

I really hope getaway and eight days haven't been canned as we haven't heard anything about them since E3 2006

Still i suspose they are done by the same team who have a lot of there resources working on HOME and i guess that takes pirority at present

Odion3937d ago

8 days was a tech demo, Sony makes them to show off the PS3 power

GodofPeace3937d ago

its a actual game. AHAHAHA!!! you're stupid : P Stupid people make me laugh

jcgamer3937d ago

both Mafia 2 and L.A. Noire look ace to me...

Ahmadinejad3937d ago

Im glad this will lead to more energy being put towards mafia2, the first one was great and hopefully the new one will be better.

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The story is too old to be commented.