Worldwide Weekly Chart Week Ending 04th Dec 2010

Wii - 1,157,946 (+3%)
DS - 1,130,099 (-23%)
X360 - 719,778 (-19%)
PS3 - 594,598 (-25%)
PSP - 543,672 (+80%)
PS2 - 117,611 (-1%)


1 - Monster Hunter Freedom 3 (PSP) - 1,972,410 - 1,972,410
2 - Wii Sports (Wii) - 1,054,954 - 69,688,360
3 - Gran Turismo 5 (PS3) - 764,460 - 2,900,005
4 - Kinect Adventures! (X360) - 679,564 - 3,176,854
5 - New Super Mario Bros. Wii (Wii) - 608,800 - 18,319,014

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Sackdude2925d ago

Fake GT5 numbers

It’s sold out in a lot of places, the demand is high.

Dark_Charizard2925d ago

Sorry to break it to you bud, but these numbers just deviate by 100-200k max.

zootang2925d ago (Edited 2925d ago )

It had half a week of November sales remember all those people slamming it's November Sales.

GT5 released Nov 27th

2.9m Vgchartz guessing again. Look at Turkish's Link 5.5m Sold

2925d ago
Shazz2925d ago

just to reply to your lower reply to another user , can i ask do you think 2.9 million in 12 days is bad ? forza is at 3.7 mill lifetime and thats the rival franchise to gt now so how can 2.9 mill if that is correct be bad .

Death24942925d ago

VGChartz have been going to Microsoft's shipped numbers and not their sold. 360 LTD is only 44.6 million.

douchedebater2925d ago

@Death... you fail to enclose the fact that your numbers are Q111 which ended 30 September making your numbers about 40 days old.

darthv722925d ago (Edited 2925d ago )

I have always been a believer that if a company ships product to a store, that store has paid for it. Therefore it is considered sold.

From that point you have to sell to consumers. I think that is referred to as the sell through. Because you are sell through your inventory that you purchased from the mfg/dist.

5.5 mil is right and maybe 2.9mil is right. Why cant they both be right? one sold to stores, the other sold to consumers.

Next thing they will do is claim MFG numbers. Those are the ones that they made overall. Sony has made close to 10mil copies of the game (just a guess) and sold half that to stores which stores have sold half that.

That is all just guessing to use as the example. But you get what i mean.

Also, if that is the case then it makes sense. Some locations are sold out. So they buy more from Sony. Other locations are not sold out so they dont. Some chains do things differently however.

Take target or walmart. They buy up X number of stock and then distribute it themselves to their stores. Locations that are sold out dont buy more from sony, they get it trucked in from another store or from the warehouse.

The bigger the chain the bigger the warehouse the less likely they go back to sony for more. The smaller the store, the more likely they order from sony.

Business is strange that way.

Unknow_Master2925d ago

even tho its vg chrts we have to agree that they are right about ps3 sales so low

JokesOnYou2925d ago (Edited 2925d ago )

Its vgchartz but its evident 360 is doing quite well right now, especially in the US.

lol, I knew it when I read this yesterday:

-I remember when all the ps3 folks would swear on their life sony only talked "sold to consumer" numbers when making statements about sales. Now I'm hearing "its all the same" or "doesn't matter" recently since NPD said they won't report sales sony are intentionaly pushing out "shipped" numbers in PR pieces but when we see other sources with NPD data, it naturally makes you wonder why theres such a huge gap, fact is we only have independent data for sales in US & Japan, sony & micro could flood the channel in Euro at any time and without independent sources we have no idea what the actual sales are. Those who swear ps3 wins worldwide are just guessing since theres plenty reason to believe 360 is leading in the UK which is the largest Euro market, then all it would take is 360 to have avg sales in most other smaller markets even if ps3 is doing better its anybodys *educated guess what sales are WW. Looking at how sony seems to be over-shipping in the US compared to consumer sales leaked from NPD, I don't doubt their doing this worldwide in an attempt to keep their sales reports from falling to far behind the competition, maybe some of the great games coming out next year will be the shot in the arm sony needs, the only other solution is another price cut, but at this point I don't know if they can afford to do that.

Zeevious2925d ago (Edited 2925d ago ) literally the JokesOnYOU due to the facts you know that you are conveniently omitting many other of your comments.

Conveniently Missing Facts:
Sony reports actual CONSOLES sold to consumers, because each and every console has a barcode/serial number scanned at time of purchase -- is and are trackable per unit. Not possible? If you believe that you know nothing of retail inventory management in 2010.

Units can be tracked weekly, daily and even HOURLY if you like with each console's unique ID tracked.

Look at any PS3 box at retail and you will see the codes clearly printed, and scanned. Some are printed right on your receipt when purchased.

Microsoft ALSO has individual bar code/serial numbers on each console to scan at purchase.

Move and Kinect are different...They are ACCESSORIES:
Move for instance does not have any individual barcodes per unit. They are only scanned per sale and most importantly, are ACCESSORIES not a console.

Accessories are tracked differently, as they are purchased in bulk from the distributor or merchant and so are counted differently as SHIPPED.

It's that simple. You know this.
Why omit this known fact? To intentionally twist the real facts over semantics...Again?

Tracked per item sold, because they CAN be tracked and each sale registered individually.

Tracked as shipped because they CAN'T and are just that, accessories with no unique identifying code for per-unit tracking.

Can track each console, exactly as Sony does, but reports as Shipped to retail/distributor numbers for consoles AND accessories like Kinect.

Can track each console, exactly as Microsoft can and they are report as Sold to consumer numbers for consoles NOT accessories like Move.

Happy Happy - Joy Joy
I am once again happy to correct your half-factual claims that leave out the important facts to make a less important, inaccurate point.

Please...Don't get up Joke's...There's no need to thank me.

Dark_Charizard2925d ago (Edited 2925d ago )

^ I applaud you, kind sir!

The Maxx2925d ago (Edited 2925d ago )

@ Zeevious

Why are you saying that the jokes on him? All you have done is presented speculation. You have given no proof that Sony is monitoring sales to consumers using barcode/serial number tracking.

Where is your source? Also, you are choosing to ignore that NPD contradicts Sony's numbers for sold/shipped in the US. We know Sony's numbers are higher in the US than what NPD is stating. So why would you speculate that Sony would track sold units to customers by way of tracking by barcode/serial number in Europe but choose NOT to do it in North America?

You haven't proven anything nor have you corrected anyone. You just speculated and passed it off as "fact".

Zeevious2925d ago (Edited 2925d ago )

The Maxx...

You are absolutely correct...the Jokes really on US because we keep reading those comments.

Verification of everything I have said, I've already linked to in comment after comment:

Stock Reports + Google + Sony Official Statements

You claim I am speculating, and in fact I speculated on nothing, either in Europe or North America. That's just a discussion diversion misdirecting attention from these stated facts. Sorry...That won't work here.

Interesting the 1/2 told facts for JokesOnYou don't seem to warrant a response from you at all...Ever

In fact the source is Sony themselves.
Every single console is tracked, sold to the consumer...and every shipment of Move or accessories is tracked as sold to retailer.

You can verify this directly with Sony statements, stock reports and many other resources and references.

I will not bother with simply typing that phrase into Google for you because you are uninformed.

Here's a clue:

"...and the original sales receipt or invoice available. You will need the model number and serial number of Your Product as listed on the sales receipt or invoice."

Just for this instance, those are then looked up in a database for service. Well, I wonder exactly how they got in there in the first place. Hmmmm...

Sony and I have given more proof they are...than you have, they're not.

Please do your homework.

JokesOnYou2924d ago (Edited 2924d ago )

"Sony reports actual CONSOLES sold to consumers, because each and every console has a barcode/serial number scanned at time of purchase"

"Move for instance does not have any individual barcodes per unit. They are only scanned per sale and most importantly, are ACCESSORIES not a console."

-lol, Now I've heard it all, so let me get this straight; the *barcode on the ps3 box allows sony the ability to track every ps3 sold up to the minute but the same barcode on every move bundle or stand alone unit cannot be tracked *ONLY because its a accesorie not a console even though every accessorie sold is scanned just like every console sold. lmfao

-Sony isn't some real version of Skynet who's plugged into every single retailer worlwide getting automatic sales feedback the second every single ps3 is sold to a consumer. lol, and if such a huge expansive data collecting network was available why wouldn't they just extrapolate the same data from the barcode on each move unit sold?

-btw your link is worthless and only hurts your weak theory because its about warranty info, here is the unabbreviated qoute: "You will need the model number and serial number of Your Product as listed on the sales receipt or invoice. Valid proof of purchase is required for any claim." lol, if you are going to do a repair under any warranty proof or purchase is always a typical requirement, how does that prove sony is linked into every retailer register worldwide to get sales data for each ps3 sold?

-OK, so if you're still delusional enough to believe sony is skynet and tracks every single ps3 sold then why don't they say so and contradict NPD's numbers with exact sold to consumer data? Why does sony like thousands of other manufacturers Apple, Dell, Samsung, etc and tons of other industry companies pay NPD for sales data? lol Sony not only buys data from NPD, but they also REFER TO NPD IN OFFICIAL PRESS STATEMENTS, why?, why?, why? Surely their skynet capability gives them more accurate data than NPD, right? Yet in all these years they never ever contradicted NPD. I mean even NPD doesn't track every single retailer but they are considered the most reliable source because they are a huge company solely dedicated to selling POS data (point of sale, i.e. consumers) to companies worldwide who sale products in the US. Why does sony use Gfk chart-track, Enterbrain(media create)? why? why? why?

Stop making up BS excuses. I bet I won't get a sensible response to my questions, seeing as there are tons of links available with sony commenting on NPD sales data, instead of offering their own "skynet data". lol If what you said were true NPD and companies like them would not even exist. You and I both know sony and micro track shipped to retailers numbers and occasionaly get point of sale data from independent tracking sources like NPD etc. Truth is speaking specifically for US #'s, sony sales for ps3, move and GT5's first few day sales all have not been very impressive according to NPD, yet sony seems to be overshipping demand to bolster their PR statements. It is what it is and its not a practice exclusive to sony, micro has surely done it before when their sales were lagging behind.

Zeevious2923d ago (Edited 2923d ago )

JokesAmatta . . .

Hi there! Wow, if you've heard everything now, then I guess we won't be bothered with half-fact posts leading to a misdirected point. Thanks!

Stating you actually believe it takes a version of SkyNet to track the simplest of inventory data like a product sold, absolutely proves you know NOTHING about retail, inventory and sales data capabilities.
This self-proclaimed admission alone invalidates you as a source for any references concerning this data, since you admit you know nothing about how this really works, today, without SkyNet.

Here's how it works...and anyone who actually knows how this works knows it's the truth:

Retailers can track product sales, down to the MINUTE at larger retailers, to the day or hour at others...especially for 'big-ticket' items like a PS3.

That little comment I posted was a CLUE...not the answer. That's one simple reference...Did you missed the important point? "...the MODEL NUMBER and SERIAL NUMBER of Your Product AS LISTED ON THE SALES RECEIPT..."

Scanned at time of purchase.
Recorded from the sale.
Printed on the receipt.
Validated by Sony per-purchase.

Get the clue now -- or will you keep ignoring the little things that matter in life.


You what YOU just did, while trying to claim I was the one with less information.

Your babble on and on and on about NPD means absolutely nothing...but next time try to actually make a point:

Diverting attention from total sales using NPD is NOT a point...and NOT all facts. SONY's numbers to stock holders and the public are the only thing that matters. Just using SOME facts is, by that very choice...Intentionally Innacurate.

You might argue I haven't made a point...AND YOU"RE RIGHT. I let SONY make it for me in their own official financial statements. I believe Sony, not you...simply because of your consistent history of known, omitted truth in PS3 bash after PS3 bash.

Speaking of...still waiting for you to come back and explain your comments in the Gt5 thread
"Good Night Gentleman" = Flee...Facts, those are FACTS...Flee - Every Tr**l For Themselves!

You see Jokes, I'm simply right, and you're 1/2 informed but I don't expect you to take my word for it.


What I have actually done here is far more entertaining. I made you jump through your little anti-Sony hoops...for my entertainment.

You see I decided to REALLY make your name here "JokesOnYou" mean something...
to you.

The sales data information and average methods are 100% accurate. I knew this replying to yet another of your fact-like PS3 comments and that "Clue" would seem a 1/2 done point and you'd jump at the chance to twist a few facts, omit entire global regions and then say how right-right-Rightiddy-RIGHT you are.

Thank you.
You've provided an entertaining dance to cap off the great weekend I just had thanks to the wonders of Social Engineering...

...From here...using only a keyboard and my mind I made you dance -- An oh' so entertaining dance...just for me.

AND you are wrong!

So, as I said -- JokesOnYou

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showtimefolks2925d ago

happy MS fans-girls lol

since the lauch of ps3 it has outsold the xbox360
ps3 has had more exclusives games
2011 ps3 has atleast 15-20 AAA exclusives
MS has GEARS and bunch of games no one ever heard of
GT5 sold atleast 3-6 million in 12 days

disagree all you want look at the EXCLUSIVE LINEUP AND enough said.

NecrumSlavery2925d ago

American numbers sadden me. I want to know why American don't play PS3 games like Europe and Japan?

I think it is all marketing. And without getting called a troll, I want to know the amount of upgrades, replacements for dead 360s. I want to know how many individual people own the 360 and PS3.

Game-ur2925d ago

Before the slim it was up to 30%. After the slim its 50%, so the install base is more like 45-12=32 million.

And that’s a fact proved by static software sales, while they are big they hardly increase and are close to the same rates from 2 years ago. And in 2009 the PS3 actually sold more software than the 360 despite the larger 6 million gap then.

So in software sales the 360 is in last spot now.

GenericUserName2925d ago

I'm sorry, x360 has sold 100 million more software than ps3. 1 year did not change that. Just look at the attach rate. Stop spreading fanboy misinformation

douchedebater2925d ago (Edited 2925d ago )

@Game-ur, does that also mean that the 112M PS2s bought is more like 65M? Stop being a butt hurt fanboy, you don't know what the hell you're talking about. And everyone already know NecrumSlavery has been butt hurt for months now. No excuses or spins please, they numbers are when the numbers are no need for some BS numerical statistics based on some other numerical statistic, I mean come on now, just stop it.

@Necrum...Sold is sold, we are now talking about how many people own anything, they are talking LTD sales, regardless to why a person buys another console, if another one was bought, then another one is counted. And that goes for all three consoles.

And dude "I want to know the amount of upgrades, replacements for dead 360s." that question in itself is a troll question, asking questions like that only proves that you are trolling.

Death24942925d ago (Edited 2925d ago )

Funny how people are saying these are shipped numbers.

VGchartz own numbers on Gran turismo 3 A-spec: 14.89 million

Sony's *sell in* aka SOLD, numbers for Gran turismo 3 A-spec:14.8 millioin

It's funny how they're awfully close. But when Sony's same *sell-in* number for GT5 (5.52 million) VGChartz say that's incorrect.


showtimefolks2925d ago

how about GT5 sony have sold 5.5 but yet that site is saying 2.9

here is the lick that says 5.5

Death24942925d ago

The point is Sony's "sell-in" numbers for GT3 are suppose to represent shipped (14.8m) and VGChartz has that it indeed sold 14.89m. Sony's shipped is exactly what VGChartz is claiming as sold. Same thing goes for GT5 Prolouge.
Wikipedia link:

It also had GT5 at 5.5m sold.

Halo_Reach2925d ago ShowReplies(1)
Fishy Fingers2925d ago

So much for flagging Nintendo Wii sales.

Parapraxis2925d ago

Regardless of the validity of these sales guesstimates, the Wii is still kicking ass.

If Nintendo focuses on giving us a good online experience and better graphics with Wii 2 I'll be buying it day 1.
And yes, I would really like a system similar to trophies/achievements on the next Nintendo console.

real-game-fan2925d ago

The Wii has so many more sales left in it. The late adopters will drive the sales to 100 million. I bet when they drop the price to $150 or lower, it will almost be a re-launch.

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