Valve explains PS3 Orange Box delay

Valve has confirmed that the PlayStation 3 version of Orange Box will be released a bit later than PC and 360 builds - but said the delay is nothing to do with the console itself.

The reason for the PS3 build's late arrival, marketing director Doug Lombardi told Eurogamer, is simply that the EA UK team handling its development are on the other side of the ocean and are necessarily a bit behind the core Valve team's development.

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Bebop4115d ago (Edited 4115d ago )

This is a title i would have been really looking forward to was it not for the fact that EA have been working on it. I just hope that Criterion of EA UK were given the task of doing it otherwise i have no hope for this title - will go with PC version.

Don't blame the PS3 folks when we see FPS issues in contrast to 360.

Bolts4115d ago

Half Life 2 is one of those games that is clearly better on the PC. Controls and graphics being one, mods and retail packages like Day of Defeat and Left for For Dead being the other. Well there is of course that little game called Counter Strike Source if you're into that kinda thing.

Basically if you're buying Orange Box for the console you'll be paying more for the lesser version of the Half Life experience which typical of most PC to console port.

Jeremy Gerard4115d ago (Edited 4115d ago )

So if the the PS3 had nothing to do with the delay, then why is Valve not doing the port? Why are they only doing the 360 and PC port? Or why didn't Valve have EA do the 360 port and valve could have worked on the PS3 port since it is a "superior console" and has the "power of the cell" it should be much easier for them to build and or port a game to it, in fact with all the power the PS3 has it should take half the time to build a game on it that will be identical to a game on a "lesser" console like 360. You see how stupid this sounds, Valve is just covering up for the fact that the PS3 is @ss backwards, that is what all devs do publicly because they want you to buy their games no matter what console they are on.

power of Green 4115d ago

The devs delaying PS3 versions of multi platform games work for months to a year only to fail to get the games on par with 360 90% of the time; why would EA cater to such nonsense?.

Thats whats going on you folks try and make it simple and EA's prob when its not. The problem is devs making games with PS3 in mind its not on par with PC and 360 in the ways devs need" to make games if they are to be next-gen.

thereapersson4115d ago

So why are you spouting this nonsense? Oh wait, I took one look at your post and my question answered itself.

Bebop4115d ago (Edited 4115d ago )

The PS3 has a superior architecture over the xbox360 & the PC without a doubt. But the problems arise due to programmers not being familiar with its programming architecture & in some cases to lazy to learn new - e.g Valve. They have spent years programming on the PC with familiar & almost standard API's like direct x also making it easier to write code for XBOX360. There is nothing revolutionary about the xbox360 or the PC. Although relatively expensive compared to xbox360 the PS3 it is 10x better built machine & offers lot more innovation straight out of the box. In my opinion PC's compared to the PS3 on performance value are no match. Sure you can kick ass on the PS3 with a top end PC but you will be spending more on just the GFX card alone (Don't forhet the ever increasing need to update cpu, memory.. etc). Even than games are hardly ever written to squeeze anything out of the PC architecture as programmers always program for the lowest common denominator - most owned PC's by consumers - low to mid range. And its not till 2 years or so down your cards obsolete age that games come out which take full advantage of your card. I have been in PC gaming for a while & have enough of it as i realise its a MUGS game. For me PC gaming is pretty much over as i don't intend to upgrade again. More & more PC type games are coming to the consoles e.g Fear, HL2..bioshock & we even have keyboard & mouse support with PS3 - very clever.

To summarise, i believe the PS3 is extremely well built machine that offers innovation & good value for the performance & features. Its problem is its unique architecture is a hurdle for some programmers but this will undoubtedly diminish for the skilled ones. I am glad its not another PC cloned console which shares both hardware & software components.

DrWan4114d ago

this guy is funny, he should see some of our patients in the psych wards. You hearing things again? What did Valve agents whisper into your ears now? or is it the loud 360 (lol, dont hate me, i am just pointing out all the true statements, go ahead and make fun of the PS3, as long as it is TRUE)

RedSeven4115d ago

I hope they have some good development tools. Maybe Sony should hold development classes for the system. I really enjoy a lot of exclusive games for the system but not so much ports..

RedSeven4115d ago

Ok, edit. I enjoy the exclusives the PS3 currently has. Resistance Fall Of Man, MotorStorm, Warhawk, and Ninja Gaiden Sigma are great. They were built ground up for the PS3 and hopefully these companies can shed some light on other developers...

GoLeafsGo4115d ago

Just more proof that EA's developers suck ass.

sak5004115d ago

WOW more proof that Ps3 is piece of mix n matched components thrown together as more of movie player than a games console. No company would deliberately keep on churning turds and lose potential customers. What happend to Lair(this cant be done on 360 - Lair dev) game? That is exclusive title.

DeadIIIRed4114d ago

Just because Lair blows doesn't mean it can be done on the 360.

Fighter4115d ago

In that article Valve claims that all three versions will be identical in function and performance so I wouldn't worry about the PS3 version looking like Krap.

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