Killzone 3 splitscreen confirmed

Thanks to the recent leaks of the preview code of Killzone 3 that some users have, now it has been leaked a confirmed option that Killzone 2 lack and that is a splitsceen coop, well here we have the first screenshot.

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scar202933d ago

OMG OMG hope we can do this online.

LORD-PHOENIX2933d ago (Edited 2933d ago )

they look uneven...

ajcastillo2933d ago

I can assure you they are not. Dont know if you have notice that 1 screen is above the other one, maybe thats why you see the disproportion.

Longrod_Von_Hugendon2933d ago


When is the industry going to get it through their fat heads that instead of giving me retarded AI driven teammates in SP they allow friends to pair up and play SP together.

That would be freakin' dope! Being able to play the entire SP mode with your friends. *sigh*

rjdofu2933d ago

Look at the TV/monitor frame and you will know. The camera is not directed to the whole screen.


oh yeh i see that now but why has one side got a big black border and the other hasnt?

anyway i hope its true

bageara2933d ago (Edited 2933d ago )

Hope its true but looks fake

Even though the photo is low res you can see the lighting looks fantastic

Hideo_Kojima2932d ago

If you want to be able to play every level in split screen it would mean that in the story the main character would never leave his team to do something alone.

Unless the story splits into 4 and allows you all to be doing different missions while your all alone for about 5 minutes.

Killzone had split screen story mode I believe.

MisfitSmurf2932d ago

Some games have that un-even spiltscreen, like RE5

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catguykyou2932d ago

Very awesome news. One of the biggest selling points for my wife and I is split screen coop. We don't own multiple of the same systems so being able to play together on the same system is a feature well missed this gen.

AEtherbane2932d ago

Thank goodness, i was waiting for this!
Biggest let down with Killzone 2 was the lack of split screen.

Vherostar2932d ago

Co-Op and split screens sells games its true its one of the main reasons I loved GOW so much.

mrcash2932d ago

I hope its real, but that i can do horizontal splitscreen. I can't stand vertical s/c its horrible imo.

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RedDead2933d ago (Edited 2933d ago )

That was a major missing feature of K2 imo, glad it's in this one.

VersusEM2933d ago

Good, now when my friends come over I kick their assess!

Hideo_Kojima2932d ago

lmao thats what I have been doing in MW2 for a year now sometimes I only use the knife because they don't know how to play on consoles :P

But now in KZ3 I can melee them on a different level with the awesome melee kills while they just watch.

Muffins12232932d ago

Do you play killzone 2 more than black ops,i play halo reach more than black ops!

Pandamobile2933d ago

Is it sad that KZ3 will be my first splitscreen game since 2004?

ECM0NEY2933d ago

No! I bought 2 copies of Halo Reach just so I didnt have to split screen with my roomates bc their poor.

AKS2933d ago

So you skipped Warhawk and MotorStorm: Pacific Rift?

OneSneakyMofo2933d ago

Last split-screened game I played was Resistance 2.

NecrumSlavery2932d ago

Borderlands had great splitscreen and the cool jump in/jump out online mode.

bananlol2932d ago

Well i think the split screen in borderlands was pretty bad, the reason being that you couldnt fit the entire menu in your screen, but it was a great game none the less. I love cell shaded games:D

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RedDead2933d ago (Edited 2933d ago )

Depends, I have a little brother, if a game is split screen I finish it with him before doing anything else.

OpenGL2932d ago

a little bit, but it's not a surprise that splitscreen is now feasible as they had to make the game run in 3D for single player mode.

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