Top 10 Next-Gen Flops

Dealspwn counts down the ten worst flops we've had the misfortune of playing, from the likes of Perfect Dark Zero and Dark Sector, to RE5 and Gran Turismo.


Top 10 Critical Flops

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seij5552789d ago

Since when is gt5 a flop, it delivered for the fans and its sold 2m in 2 days.

T9X692789d ago

"A flop is something else. Sky-high expectations, and then a rocky descent, followed by a lackluster landing. I think that pretty much sums up GT5."

I don't think he meant the actual game flopped in sales, it just flopped in terms of expectations.

nskrishna22789d ago

well then whats the point in putting it #10 in next gen flops?

Media these days...

toaster2789d ago

I thought Ninja Gaiden 2 was great. Just as brutal as Black and the camera is part of the Ninja Gaiden experience :P.

thereapersson2789d ago

For being such a hardcore Forza fan, you sure to seem to have a penchant for being one of the first people to comment in almost every single major GT5-related article on this website. I can't tell if it's some sort of elaborate trolling scheme, or just sheer boredom.

TheBlackSmoke2789d ago

And sums up every 360 exclusive this year.

Troll_Police2789d ago (Edited 2789d ago )

Where's Splinter Cell: Conviction and Fable 3?

guitarded772789d ago

@ T9X69

Too Human says hi.

antz11042789d ago (Edited 2789d ago )

Force Unleashed? Really? You didn't mean the sequel?

I liked it but I was surprised Bioshock 2 didn't make the list.

EDIT: Agreed at Guitarded, such a letdown after YEARS of hype: 4 long, repetitive levels, wtf. That really gimped it for me, even multi got old quick.

ShinMaster2789d ago

They want GT5 to flop, but it can't and it won't.

360 fans saw low selling games as "flops", so let's not try and change its meaning whenever convinient, T9X69.

Huge sales aside, every fan will buy this game, enjoy it and think it's great.

Like it or not, GT5 will be far from a "flop".

acedoh2788d ago

This person needs to learn how to use flop correctly. It has never been used in the sense of reviews. Was Spiderman 3 a flop because of bad reviews despite making a billion dollars. A flop is based on sales. If GT5 sells less than 5 million in a year I think most would call it a flop but that is yet to be seen. This website is way to quick to judge.

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MaxOpower2789d ago


Shouldn't it be "current gen"

GrandTheftZamboni2789d ago

Actually, some are current gen, some are last gen. At least in terms of media drive (DVD vs BD), motion control (camera vs stick), connectivity (that old thing vs Blue Tooth)...

NewZealander2789d ago

"Dealspwn counts down the ten worst flops we've had the misfortune of playing"

actually i loved most of these games, dark sector and re5 were great fun, ive played most of the games on this list.

if they want flops look no further then two worlds and vampire rain!

this list is a total flop!

ChickeyCantor2789d ago

"it delivered for the fans"

If only...only we all went by that mentality then we wouldnt have a sh/t place like n4g.

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awiseman2789d ago

Atually very few of those games int he list actuallty flopped...

it depends on their definition of flop tbh.

STK0262789d ago

Well, like they wrote in the article, and like T9X69 stated, they're not referring to the sales of said games, nor are they looking at the scores the games received in itself, but they are comparing the expectations people had for the game during its development cycles, and what they got in the end.

I believe that's how they managed to get some of these games on the list, since GT5 sold (and is still selling) very well and receiving great reviews, but, still according to these reviews (since I have yet to play GT5), is not all they thought it was going to be.

The same applies for some of the games on the list, as RE5 is a very good game, just not a very good RE title, it received great reviews, great sales, but didn't meet the expectations RE fans had for the follow-up to the awesome RE4.

And by the way, I wouldn't call Perfect Dark Zero awful, it might not have been the best game of its time, but back when it was released, it was quite enjoyable, and while a little bit too shiny, it didn't look half as bad as the article seems to say.

jack who2789d ago

i think we need too re think the meaning of flop cuzz sum ppl are playing and enjoying Perfect Dark Zero.

Arnagrim2789d ago

No Haze, Too Human, Final Fantasy XIII and XIV, Lair, etc?
Also, by his definition of a flop being something with sky high expectations falling short then both Fable 2 and 3 should be on that list.

Shadow_Fox2789d ago

GT5 had much higher expectations than Fable 2 and 3 combined.

Arnagrim2789d ago

I never said GT5 didn't deserve to be on the list. I love Gran Turismo 5, but it still doesn't meet the ungodly high expectations people had for it, so in that sense, yes it's a flop.
I was pointing out that Fable 2 and 3 are a similar situation. Fable 2 at least had a very significant amount of hype around it based on the success of the first; and although the game definitely wasn't awful, it didn't meet the expectations that had been set for it.

Cenobia2789d ago

I don't really understand where it fell short. It is the biggest racing game ever.

Are people really saying it flopped because you can't switch out rims and you have to wait until level 40 for better damage?

jack who2789d ago

i agree with Haze, Too Human, Final Fantasy XIII and XIV, Lair but fable was fun in no way a flop

Arnagrim2789d ago

I know it's not a flop, but by the author's definition of a flop ("This list isn’t necessarily for bad games. A flop is something else. Sky-high expectations, and then a rocky descent, followed by a lackluster landing.") it meets the criteria.
That's mostly Molyneux's fault though for making it sound like it was going to be the Paragon of action RPGs, which it definitely is not.

nskrishna22789d ago GT5 properly for god's sake

Iramo2789d ago

who plays flops like that. JK

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