Christmas Hardware Quick Picks

The Holiday season is approaching! SemperCog gives a fresh look and review on several key hardware peripherals. Looking to dominate the competition? Look no further!

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kdogdaddy2789d ago

Love the G35 headset specifically and always looking to expand my base of peripherals!

BlueOps2789d ago

I have the G35, G19 and G9x. Great products all in all, always trusted Logitech for good reliability and good quality. Will always be my first choice and I recommend them to anyone.

toaster2788d ago

Yep, professed Logitech fanboy here. I have a G15, G5, Logitech webcam and Logitech Speakers. The G35 will be my next accessory purchase.

Losi2789d ago

Always loved most of the Logitech line of products for their incredible reliability and affordable pricing.

Bolts2788d ago

The G35 absolutely rocks. That headset simply blow away everything else. Logitech is very good at making PC sound devices though they do have some competition in the mouse and keyboard department.

dirthurts2788d ago

Little company but makes fantastic products at great prices. Never let me down.