Resident Evil 2: Time Extend

The videogame industry is dependent on sequels. They’re a more or less guaranteed source of income, a way to re-use expensive engines and assets, and they’re welcomed by fans and (most) critics alike. But one thing always presents a problem. Atmosphere. The thrill of the first time is almost impossible to replicate, and most sequels simply dilute what was there, turning well-remembered but isolated moments into series trademarks and nudge-nudge references. But for every rule there are exceptions. And then there’s Resident Evil 2.

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Solidus187-SCMilk2791d ago

I love how you play the game 4 times, twice with each character, and each time you see more of the story. MR. X scared the crap out of me the first time He attacked because that didnt happen on the first playthrough.

This game is amazing and I would like a new RE to recapture the greatness of the series past(even though RE5 was fun).

Son_Lee2791d ago

Playing through this for the first time on PS3, and I must say I'm really impressed. RE4 is my favorite, but RE2 is just loads of scary. Atmosphere, unexpected moments, and the basic need of survival are what make this game shine. Playing through the game twice as each character is, to me, what RE has always been about.

hot4play2790d ago

Bravo, well written article.

Something different to read about in N4G other than "X console fails..." or "x game sales fail" or "random repeated top 10 whatever list"... :p

Anyway, RE2 (and of course the original RE) is/are still important games in history. I still have them on my PSP/PS3 and they play just as good as ever.

I agree with the author that the attention to detail both in the backgrounds and overall atmosphere are top-notch.

They really have to remake RE2 and RE3 and bring them to PS3 (along with REmake HD)! :)