Black Ops Shows Treyarch Destroys Infinity Ward

Paul writes, "Black Ops is receiving a lot of hate from gamers who seemingly refuse to even try the game. is there legit reasoning behind this hate or is this the fallout of the disappointment known as Modern Warfare 2? In what was surely one of the biggest hype campaigns of all time, we were told COD 6 would be the FPS to end all other FPS titles. Instead, come November we were met with COD 4.5 and it seemed even worse than COD 4 to many folks due to its balancing and hacking issues. Many gamers predicted MW2 would be like this, but most of their complaints and the signs they pointed out were ignored by the bigger crowds. Black Ops is selling great, don't doubt that. But it would seem that group of pre-release doubters has grown and saw fit to label Black Ops a terrible game, without even playing it."

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Hitman07692516d ago

This game is seriously ridiculous compared to the piece of crap that is Modern Warfare 2. I don't see how anyone can think Treyarch is the inferior of the two companies...

CrzyFooL2516d ago

Ooh man you're not gonna have many bubbles left by the end of the day, lol.

Can't we all just get along?

Hitman07692516d ago

hahaha, absolutely not, war, those who do not see must die...

raztad2516d ago (Edited 2516d ago )

I'm playing WaW and CoD4 and I like WaW more. Yet it is clear Treyarch only followed CoD4 formulae to the core and used its engine with little to none improvement.

Treyarch will always be second to IW (or the former IW) until they can come up with a substantially different (and better) gameplay experience and a better engine on their own. Credit has to go to the people that created the beast that is CoD4. It started everything.

L-Teezy2516d ago

i have to disagree with the masses on this. maybe BO is more balanced than MW2, but i find BO to have a more generic feel to the gameplay. the game is also visually ugly in my opinion. idk.. everything just feels so cheap to me... just my own opinion.

gaffyh2516d ago

Honestly, if Infinity Ward hadn't made a game as fun as Modern Warfare 2, Treyarch would never have made one. They literally copied Modern Warfare 2 pretty much exactly in Black Ops. Not that that's a bad thing for the game (I'm not even a big fan of MW1/2), but it just shows that they wouldn't be able to make as great a game without some help.

I mean just look at Prey ...zzzzzzzz....

BattleAxe2516d ago (Edited 2516d ago )

If you're a fan of the series and you spent alot of time playing CoD4, WaW and MW2, then its apparent right off the bat that Black Ops is nowhere as good in the quality department as the previous 3 games.

I had high hopes for Black Ops as I LOVED WaW, but I can't even bring myself to finish the single player campaign, yet I liked the previous 3 games enough to finish them all on Veteran mode. I'm sure that the people that are saying that this is the best CoD game have never spent any time playing the ones that came before this.

BulletToothtony2516d ago (Edited 2516d ago )

The one and biggest flaw which ruins any game to its core is this:

The shots detection, i have seen hundreds of my killcams where even thou I know that I was aiming right at the person and my aim was "showing" that I was hitting it but then on the replay I didn't hit him at all.

This is very obvious as well when u see the Final kill cam and u see the person stil be able to shoot like 6 to 9 bullets after the person has been killed. This is BS and a shooting game should neve gave been released with this huge flaw.

I switched back to cod4 and my mouth dropped to see how good my shots registered. Sorry treyarch but this is the first and last time I buy one of your games.

elmaton982516d ago

Sorry raztad I press the disagreed vote by mistake

Gawdl3y2516d ago (Edited 2516d ago )

Having played CoD 1, 3, 4, WaW, MW2, and Black Ops, I would say that Black Ops and Call of Duty 4 are tied for the best spot in the series.
Black Ops and Call of Duty 4 are most definitely the most balanced and fun of all of the games, in my opinion. MW2 was a piece of junk due to the extreme imbalances and noob-friendliness.

I very much like how Black Ops has seen to the removal of stopping power, as now it puts everyone on a mostly even playing field. Before, if you didn't have stopping power or juggernaut, you were at a severe disadvantage, making it almost necessary to have one of the two.

I also like how Treyarch has added in loads of new content in Black Ops, such as the hidden adventure game in the menu (Zork), Dead Ops Arcade, Zombies, map vote system, hidden guns, CoD Points, etc. The story mode was also fairly fun, and made a lot more sense than MW2's. Not to mention how the create-a-class system was almost entirely revamped.

Black Ops is my favourite Call of Duty, but it is tied with CoD4 for the best and most fun. If it comes down to which has the most content, Black Ops wins, though.

Skizelli2516d ago (Edited 2516d ago )

@gaffyh: WaW came before MW2 and used IW's CoD4 engine well before MW2 came along.

@BattleAxe: Can't say I'm inclined to agree, but my brother has played them all and thinks Black Ops is the best thus far (story-wise). There ARE educated people out there who do love it.

@BulletToothtony: It's not a flaw in the game itself. It's lag. Without dedicated servers, this happens in all FPS. CoD4 is no exception. It has no final killcams, so you're not able to see it, but it's there. Ever run around a corner as you're being shot, but never seem to make it, even if you're well around the corner? Same thing. You may be around that corner on your screen, but not on theirs.

cyborg69712516d ago

@skizz there are kill cams in cod 4 what are you talking about?

metalanime2516d ago (Edited 2516d ago )

So treyarch is a better dev because the game is technically inferior and better balanced?

I dont see how the story gets so much praise, it was predictable from the end of the 2nd stage, there was absolutely not surprise after that. I felt the mw story lines were better.

8-bit2516d ago

I have to agree that I enjoyed WaW over COD4 and MW2 but Treyarch has used Infinity Ward's COD4 engine to make WaW and Black OPS. They are riding on the success of Infinity Ward

Gawdl3y2516d ago

I forgot to mention Theatre Mode and Wager Matches in my comment.

Skizelli2515d ago

@cyborg6971: I said final killcams. But you're right, I forgot about the player killcams after a death. Doesn't change the fact that CoD4 still suffered from that issue, though.

njr2515d ago

What is it that people don't understand? Infinity Ward gave Treyarch the code that Black Ops is based on. All Treyarch did was improve on something that was already buggy in the first place, because Activision doesn't give these devs enough time to polish everything.

I've given up on CoD when I've heard about Activision's "leapfrog" model.

Gawdl3y2515d ago

To anybody that says that Treyarch took Infinity Ward's engine:

1. Of course they would run on the same engine, it is the same game series.
2. It isn't even Infinity Ward's engine, Call of Duty has ran on the same engine since the very first, just slightly modified in each version.
3. It is a modified Quake 3 engine.

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Ducky2516d ago (Edited 2516d ago )

The difference between Trey and IW is that, IW came up with new ideas. Or atleast, they came up with most of the things CoD is famous for. (perks, killstreaks, experience system).

Most of the innovations CoD came up with have been through IW's games.

Currently I'm enjoying BlackOps more than CoD4 (on PC) The removal of StoppingPower means people now have to aim, and the guns have recoil. The AK47 and M16 are just easy mode in MW with StoppingPower slapped on to them. =/

Though Trey did do plenty of things right with BlackOps (technical issues aside) but the ball is in EA's (and possibly Respawn's) park.
It depends if the competition can do something better.

pixelsword2516d ago (Edited 2516d ago )

I didn't get either; between Gears 2, Halo, MAG, MGS4, KZ2, and Warhawk I'm full of shooters until Killzone 3, so although both may be good, it's just too much right now.

Too many good games is a good thing.

darksied2516d ago

Yeah, but too many of the same type of game (i.e. shooters) is not.

CrzyFooL2516d ago (Edited 2516d ago )

What does any of this have to do with Gran Turismo 5!?

Black Ops is old news - this is N4GT5 now - Get with it people!!


Where did I put my trollface . . .

trancefreak2515d ago

Thats why I bought GT5 was to change the pace of my gaming library. And well gt5 is a great game.

I liked MW1 the best but thats just me.

syanara2516d ago

the way I see things is that Black ops did what IW failed to do with MW2 and it all can be summed up in one word, one word which, to me, can make or break the game. one word that can mean endless hours of fun or just a few hours of fun. that word is BALANCE! there is a lot more balance in Black ops than MW2 howerver CoD4 will still be a master with balance.

JohnnyMann4202516d ago know that the engine that COD is using was dev'd by infinity ward, right?

In other words IW did all the REAL hard work and all trey arch had to do was build over their engine.

asdr3wsfas2516d ago

" know that the engine that COD is using was dev'd by infinity ward, right?"

It was developed by Id. COD runs using the quake engine.

newhumanbreed2516d ago

I'm sure he meant heavily modified by Infinity Ward

AwakenTheTaco2516d ago

IW modified it, trey just skinned it and slapped a new name on it.

KyRo2516d ago

What a load of rubbish. That's like saying any company that's made a game using Epic's Unreal engine didn't do nothing. You still got to make the game using tools that the engine provides. It don't work like FC2 map editor you know.

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Checkmate2516d ago

ps3 owners would have to disagree

princejb1342516d ago

i love the game but
the only downside to it is the connection
is so annoying to get disconnected so much
out of 10 games i get disconected at least 7 times
is very frustrating

Komega2516d ago

Dude the premise of this article is way off. I don't have an issue with your facts, just the conclusion you draw from them. IW is an innovative studio that created most of the assets and gameplay mechanics that Treyarch used in creating Black Ops.

The bottom line is that Treyarch has been hanging from IW's nuts for years now. While I enjoyed Black Ops, there is really very little fresh or innovative about the game that would warrant someone saying that "Black Ops Shows Treyarch Destroys Infinity Ward". All Black Ops really shows is that Treyarch is awesome at the "copy & paste" and then slapping a new coat of paint on. Don't believe me? Check out Treyarch's body of work outside the Call of Duty series!!! It's a wall of shame and regret that smells a lot like POOP!!

All of this is a moot point though as the IW that created COD4 and MW2 doesn't exist anymore.

DecoyOctopus2516d ago (Edited 2516d ago )

wtf IW made call of duty treyarch is just borrowing off of their succes if MW2 wouldnt have come out last year theres no way that black ops would have sold as much as it did IW deserves all credit when it comes to call of duty and i bet MW3 will blow black ops away

PinchoVe2516d ago


Here, you can use mine: ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

theonlylolking2516d ago

IW destroys treyarch

COD2 > COD3 overall
COD4 > WAW overall
Mw2 > BO in multiplayer, co-op and story BO has MW2 beat

visualb2516d ago

whats worst than PS3 or 360 fanboys?

COD fanboys...

whats worst than COD fanboys?

Treyarch/IW fanboys -________-

i don't doubt BO is better than MW2 (almost anything is)...but it scored less right? so that CANT be true /s

vhero2516d ago

Hahaha I love silly comments like this all my friends on my friends list who have been playing black ops have now gone back to playing MW2 I asked why and they said it wasn't as good. See now most of MW's bugs are patched and the fact it is a superior game makes people switch back. Most people who prefer black ops over MW2 do so because it's the new game feeling you when playing it. I traded my Black Ops in for GT5 and definitely DONT regret it best trade EVER.

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tony67672516d ago

to be honest since cod games are out they get better and better so why say black ops show treyarch destroys IW . every cod game every year will be better ? next cod will desroy black ops .

ZombieNinjaPanda2516d ago

That's like...Totally your opinion man.

Hitman07692516d ago (Edited 2516d ago )

mw2 wasnt better than cod4

@pope john paul ii i dont see how u thinkj the gfx are better but the sound is absolutely not better from iw because they simply copied and pasted all of cod4's sound they even had the same song at the multiplayer waiting lobby

Tito082516d ago (Edited 2516d ago )

IW are the ones who created the series(also the best MOH game), not Treyarch, Treyarch basically used to work on Spider-man games, even the engine they were using was made by IW... Say W.E. you want about IW, but Treyarch wouldn't be nothing W.O. em... Did you know Treyarch were involved in the online portion of MW2, I mean that's according to Kotick, so if that's the case, so Treyarch have some fault, and that can be seen with B.O. IDK about IW now, but Treyarch are not better than former IW!!!!

Plus Treyarch did a bad job with PS3-PC versions, IW made all versions great!!!!

oldjadedgamer2516d ago

probably true. every year they add a few tweeks and get rid of a few bugs, then plop out a "new" game.

I'm not saying the games arn't fun, just that innovation is a word that treyarch has probably not heard of.

I probably would have bought it if applying for med schools didn't cost so much money

meiamsome2516d ago

Treyarch blows, Modern Warfare 2 is the best....

NoBias2516d ago (Edited 2516d ago )

Sorry, I got love for IW as well but MW2 had serious balancing issues that Black Ops does not.

It was a combined effort between both the studios to get the game balanced to where it is now. Trial and error over time will (or should) always improve franchises. Though IW did have better graphics and sound devs.

gypsygib2516d ago

Not when it comes to the PS3 version, IW has vastly superior graphics developers.

poopoojames2516d ago

sound was better coming out my arse.

jaredhart2516d ago

Whatever, both are about the same. Black ops is newer so can improve upon.