When Low Expectations Lead to a High Payout

Game Podunker IWX writes, "I go into games with Low Expectations! Yeah, it doesn't sound like the best course of action, but many times I end up pleasantly surprised and end up really enjoying the games, probably more than if I had played them expecting greatness. I'm going to key you into a few of these games I expected very little from and how they ended up being some great titles and how one of them even made its way into my favorites...."

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Kalowest2610d ago

I liked most of those games.

Quagmire2610d ago

If I actually accepted reviewer's opinions and scores, I wouldnt have played the many great games I have done so already.

Nihilism2609d ago (Edited 2609d ago )

GTAIV was totally a 10/10


The whole scoring system these days is insane, fanboys have made 10/10 the new 8/10.

ME2 is my example of a near perfect game this generation. IMO it should have scored an 8 because unlike fanboys claim, ALL games have room for improvement.

Dragon Age got universal 9/10 and even 8/10...

It should have been a 7 or even a 6.5.

Basically you just take 2 points away from every mainstream review score to get a realistic score.


"Dragon Age are new and stood on their own merits. FFXIII didn't. "

No it didn't it had xbox era graphics, terrible optimisation, poor class balance, game breaking bus, generic story, and dumbed down console mechanics

Eg. Item says "improves blood magic"....HOW!????

DA was a low point for bioware. It was supposed to be the 'spiritual successor to baldurs gate" it was nothing of the sort,

sonicsidewinder2609d ago

Need to get your bubbles back bro. I'm down for the quest.

VersusEM2610d ago

exactly, finally some makes some sense, Final Fantasy VII was liner, so was VIII, IX, and X. and yes they all open up in some way just like XIII. I have no I idea why people complain about this when the other FF's were just as liner.

NecrumSlavery2609d ago

Final Fantasy VII & VIII, XI had some linear structure to them, but the world unfolded. And it opened up to areas and cloesed areas off as it progressed you through. You are welcomed to explore well before the last few hours.

FFX was extremely linear until the end but still gave you enough play room to feel like you werent clostrophobic.

FXIII is a narrow hallway almost the whole game, with no real RPG structure or interface at all. It's all about when to press X/A to heal or attack. I mean yeah its a sexy looking game with a cool story, but the lack of towns or freedom in nearly everything you do is kind of a sadened tale.

Godmars2902610d ago

Guessing this guy never played a FF game before.

VersusEM2610d ago

it only matters if the game is, doesn't matter if its Bioshock, Final Fantasy, Dragon Age, etc

Godmars2902609d ago

Point is two of the three games you mention don't have history. Bioshock and Dragon Age are new and stood on their own merits. FFXIII didn't.

This is really no different than people calling Bioshock 2 underwhelming or Dragon Age DLC coming in under par.

Venox20082610d ago

Silent hill: SM FTW!!! :)

thesithfreak2609d ago

demon's souls was a fantastic game, but it doesn't belong here. demon's souls got great critical review so why would you go into it expecting something bad?? it seems like people think on here if they mention demon's souls in a good way that they'll get bubbles and a million agrees. Yes, demon's souls was the first or second best rpg this entire generation, but just shut up about it. btw, i'm still playing it constantly.

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