Black Ops 15th Prestige Hack......Already

Call Of Duty Black Ops isn't even released yet and hackers have already stuck and are able to get to the highest prestige level. Check it out in the video below.

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T9X692723d ago

LOL when he get's promoted the thing that pops up says:

"Black Ops Hacked! Jester is a stupid bitch! Treyarch is gay!!!"

Mr. Josh Olin will no be pleased.

Longrod_Von_Hugendon2723d ago

These fucking script kiddies are fucking up gaming.

Blinding_Solo2723d ago

I rename this game to Call of Duty Hack Ops. :)

AndrewRyan2722d ago

Let me just say this is fake. It is impossible to script multiplayer in a game and not be auto banned my friends. Singleplayer you can script but multiplayer unfortunately not.

For those of you who do not believe me look it up yourself, it's called google, quite the revolution. Also you may go on any "modding" forum and do some research yourselves.

I would also like to add that this is not news, it's a stupid video that can not be proven.

That is all.

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Scenarist2723d ago

yea that song rocked ... and he mixed it with the video well..

I loved how it built up to the explosion and came back in..

I was like ... yea thats the shit... + funny message made it great.

to bad a hack is still hack tho

cool cole2723d ago

The song is called "Sierra Leone" by Mt.Eden Dubstep.

DufferO82722d ago

he says he wont release the hack :)

princejb1342722d ago

seems fake to me
like common challenge complete you have hacked

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MGRogue20172723d ago (Edited 2723d ago )

Well.. The game isn't officially out yet so I'm guessing that once it's out there, Treyarch will stick to their promise & get busy on banning the players that do hacks & modding. :)

Let's hope so anyway.

TrevorPhillips2723d ago

Will report this to the people at Treyarch right away :)

Motorola2723d ago

Exactly but we shouldnt need to!! What happened to hack free Treyarch?? On consoles AT LEAST

shovelface882723d ago

No game of this popularity will be hack free or glitch free.

The true test for Treyarch will be their ability, and or will, to respond quickly to any issues that arise, and get them fixed.

You would realize this if you actually thought before you typed out a comment.

Motorola2723d ago

Your calling me stupid because I dont want hacks in a game..ok man o__o im just shocked that this happened. b4 launch...i dont think this happened to MW2

vickers5002723d ago

You are stupid if you think that there's a game out there that DOESN'T have some form of glitch or hack (barring the old school games like pong).

No game these days is 100% hack/glitch proof.

Motorola2723d ago (Edited 2723d ago )

Never said there were no hacks in games. Where did i say that? Im getting attacked for a misinterpretation of my comment? Thats not right. I merely said that this game should not have been this easy to hack, when the dev clearly has the resources to not completely prevent, but slow down the rate at which this game can be hacked. Black ops, being one of the most anticipated games of this year, hacked before release? How does that make a dev look? Overall: more work should have been put in this game to prevent hacking especially after MW2 "challenge lobbies" which look exactly the same. I have joined free for alls on rust only to have my profile reset on PS3 and having to start over. Of course no game is hack free...i didnt think i was gonna be insulted for a hyperbole.

BX812723d ago

@Motorola Stop being a vag. No one is calling you stupid. Let's be honest, hackers will always find a way. Sure the game is not out yet but it's been leaked for a while now so they've had plenty time to work on any hacks. I just hoped they all get banned. To be honest I hope all hackers die in real life, but that's just me!

Delt42722d ago

you came out saying "@Motorola Stop being a vag. No one is calling you stupid"
yet i believe this was said by Vickers500 "You are stupid".....hmmm yourself bro. Motorola is getting trolled for no reason. So how bout you walk away instead of being an a**hole. Thanks


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PRHB HYBRiiD2723d ago

the better fix this..people will be pissed off about this.

big_silky2723d ago

same shit different day, it would be news if a cod title WASN'T hacked.

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