GT5 will release before christmas, according to Dutch retailers

PSHype writes: 'After the delay (again) from Gran Turismo 5, we asked the Dutch Game Retailers what the new release date for GT5 is. Oné of the biggest Toy Stores in Holland said: 'GT5 is expected for 26 November 2010'.'

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Cloudberry2696d ago

That's very great if it's true.

samich20072696d ago

Absolutly :) I hope so. It is possible since the game is going gold... :D

alb18992696d ago

They are making damage for GT5 preorders with all this delays and insecurity.

sinncross2696d ago

Doesn't matter if preorders suffer a bit because ppl are unsure of release. When it releases they'll pick it up then.

Lightsaber2696d ago

I think you mean if its released

Owner360-PS32696d ago (Edited 2696d ago )

But what year ? Im wanting this badly !!

plb2696d ago

Still wondering why Sony hasn't provided us a release date yet.

Narutone662696d ago

until the Kinect hype dies down. Getting sick of seeing all these Kinect reviews on all gaming website. MS marketing money hard at work there.

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The story is too old to be commented.