Kinect Midnight Release Date Launch and Availability List


"The highly anticipated release date of Kinect is Tuesday (November 4th)!

If you have been procrastinating getting your pre-order in, you still have time to pre-order one before they sell out...

Check out the full run down of current Kinect deals and midnight launch details:"

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rroded2848d ago (Edited 2848d ago )

nvm there not sellin out as fast as my bubs are XD

lol seriously but i thought they were all sold out. Better off waiting till they hit the bin like the ol hd dvd add on.

ps anyone else get ta feeling ms is choking back kinect stand alones ta flog the kinect bundles? Sure wouldnt put it past em whats worst is the 360 fans who are going to buy a whole other console cause they cant wait for a week or two for em to get restocked.

lol big s your dreaming the move not only works but steps up the game while the kinect fails ta emulate a pseye.
ps looks like you can still preorder all over here in canada so if ya want a kinect stand alone just order from any big canadian retailer...

big_silky2848d ago

i'll be buying move from the same bargain bin....

JokesOnYou2848d ago (Edited 2848d ago )

rroded, so people are buying kinect but why do you care so much? If you don't like kinect why not ignore it, go find some great move news and forget about what other people are going to buy with their own money?

Masamori Sumimura2848d ago

I dont think that reasoning with people like rroded is useful.

2848d ago
NateCole2848d ago

they are waiting for their checks in the mail first.

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hoops2848d ago

rroded you have been hating on this since day one. Look at your posting history. You're in every single Kinect thread begging people not to buy it. You're just pissed that its going to outsell MOVE.
Why should you care anyways. You hate anything MS related.

VINNIEPAZ2848d ago

Oh look, what a surprise the only people talking about Kinect are the trolls. Ever notice that?

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NoBUDI2848d ago

are running rampant in a Kinect article even though they claim to not care about it. Kinectophobia is a terrible thing, made Sony delay gt5 and now it has made the DiCS around here go crazy.
Check how empty Gt5 articles have become, everybody is talking bout Kinect now

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SiteNblog Defender2848d ago

Like it or not, Kinect is going to sell very well. Microsoft is smart for showing off Kinect at Oprah and Ellen Degeneres.

SilverSlug2848d ago

but I doubt old ladies will stand in line for a midnight launch.

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GoldPS32848d ago

It'll sell well but how well is the Kinect itself? I still haven't seen 1 review yet. If Kinect doesn't operate like it should, there will be millions of people disappointed and that would be bad for MS.

Weaksauce11382848d ago

The whole "crappy till proven otherwise" mentality only exists with fan boys not the other 99% of humanity.

EcliPS32848d ago

You are correct Weaksauce. The logic on this site is puzzling. Nothing gets the benefit of the doubt around here.

gigaware2848d ago

You are mostly correct too EcliPS3. The only thing a bit off is it's only crappy when it is realted to the 360. Everything is crappy for the 360 on N4G and the only time that will change is when the gaming world makes their points look ludicrous.

nix2848d ago (Edited 2848d ago )

oh come on!!! 360 was a crappy system to begin with but i've seen equal amount of people who defended it. when this site started there were shit loads of 360 fanboys who would put every thing related to PS3 down. now it just happen to be another time of the day. just live with it!

2848d ago
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Sitris2848d ago

But then again this is probably a 360 fanboy tooting his horn.

Sitris2848d ago

Seems MS has only paid for ads in America, havent seen any tv ads for kinect just move and other games like fallout and the constant wii adds. Funny cause there is a decently large (1 million +) 360 owners over here, guess they are relying on word of mouth? Worked great for the move, can it work for the kinect though, that is the big question.

NateCole2848d ago

If x360 fans don't care about Japan they will definately don't care at all about Australia.

SiteNblog Defender2848d ago

Well duh. America is a much bigger market. 20+ million in America >>>> 1 million in Kangaroo country.

Sitris2848d ago (Edited 2848d ago )

This place is 360 fanboy land. I can't get into a convo on public transport about ps3 games without getting some idiot jumping down my throat. With a population of 23 million and over a million 360s in homes that is a huge percentage of homes that have an xbox, why would they throw away hundreds of thousands of loyal and potential customers.

@siteN I'm not disagree with that lol but why not even try here, they are not even trying at all. Move has been seeping out in every store I've been to, and hasn't been in stock cause every copy has been pre bought. Sure it's not going to sell a million day one, but if move can sell over 100,000 copies in aus (just a mde up figure, but wouldn't be surprised due to the amount of stores out of stock) then the kinect can EASILY surpass that as it is the 'newer' product and parents would love it more.

NateCole2848d ago

The mind of a redneck american x360 fanboy. To them their individual states are countries LMAO!!. Oh and US = World.

Lamatios2848d ago

Well America is the best. We never lost a World War!

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