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"When it comes to living-room rock, nobody does it better than Rock Band 3."

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Bnet3432734d ago

I moved on from the plastic guitar fad after Guitar Hero III. I'm actually ready to go back to DDR, at least that keeps you fit .. ^_^

BiggCMan2734d ago

i agree. after gh3, i was pretty much finished with the genre. ddr is so much fun. that game is much harder to master than guitar hero is. isnt their supposed to be one coming to ps3 soon?

Shackdaddy8362734d ago

IDK why this game is getting such good reviews... Isn't it the same old stuff as all the other GH with new songs and slightly better graphics?

Does anyone even buy these anymore? I stopped after the second one.<-Serious question. IDK anyone who talks about it...

White-Sharingan2734d ago

Soooo you're surprised people still buy Rock Bands yet the last rock band you bought was their last game in the main entry (RB2)? seriously?

Anyways Rock Band > Guitar Hero, no doubt about that. Now adding keyboard as the fifth instrument brings a fresh air to the series, and for those whoa re interested, pro mode as well.

Redempteur2733d ago

no it's not the same thing ..

RB is about playing yes ... but they added lot of features
Pro - mode for those who want to try the real thing ( with tutorials )
Cymbals ( up to 3 )
Now play up to 7 people
Harmonics vocals
keyboard ( new instrument )
MOre flexible campaign.
and lots of tweaks here and there ( custom setlist, come and out during a concert/ change of difficulty on the fly, ect ect )

You compare it to RB1 this not the same game.
Lots of différences and they are easy to spot.

BabyTownFrolics2733d ago (Edited 2733d ago )

introduced it to my wife and she loves it, the only game she plays. anyway my wireless guitar controller keeps disconnecting, even with brand new batteries. anyone have a link with a fix, or is this just a sure sign of a dying controller.

also any suggestions for a replacement?

thanks in advance