Game Revolution: Rock Band 3 Review

Game Revolution: "Oh, these rhythm games, they grow up so fast. It seems like just yesterday Guitar Hero was coming out on the market, quickly replacing DDR at the top of the rhythm game food chain, only to be (arguably) usurped by its upstart cousin, Rock Band, a few years later. Flash forward to the present day and the battle for whose plastic guitars will lie in the corner of your room continues in what I've dubbed the “karaoke wars”. Each franchise vying for your business with the next “wouldn't it be cool if we did this?” has finally led us to where we are now. Rock Band 3 takes the war to its next natural progression: Pro Keyboard and Pro Guitar/Bass."

+ Pro Keys
+ Pro Guitar/Bass
+ Streamlined menu interfaces
+ Better avatar customization
+ Combined quick play and career
- Not the best teaching tool
- Some interface issues with Pro note track

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TheLastGuardian2855d ago

Screw all the music game haters. Rock Band 3 is getting better review scores than every game since Red Dead Redemption.