Levine Talks BioShock's Checkered Launch

In an interview with Next Generation, BioShock director and creator Ken Levine discusses technical troubles, surprise success and allegations of violence against children.

2K Boston Director Ken Levine has had a long week. The launch of BioShock, a stunning achievement in gaming that should have been met with celebration and long vacations, has instead been dealt blow after blow as forms explode with complaints of technical troubles and broken bonuses.

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drunkpandas4130d ago

Ken Levine has a lot to deal with right now, between the widescreen and activation issues and the people complaining about killing the little sisters. All that's on top of receiving the highest rating scores of any game this year. I bet he's not getting a ton of sleep.

Rhezin4130d ago

SEE THIS IS WHAT YOU GET WHEN YOU MAKE A PC VERSION a bunch of whiny b!tches. Should've been 360 ONLY.

45421254130d ago

Carefull with your language because the bubble poppers are never too far away, I am delaying my purchase of this game until the patch comes.