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Submitted by Jallen 1960d ago | article

Nintendo Games That Aren't So Innocent.

Meodia takes a look a three Nintendo classics, coming up with some interesting ideas; "sometimes the most disturbing ideas come from the most innocuous sources." (Animal Crossing, Culture, GameCube, Nintendo, Pokemon, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Wii)

HeroXIV  +   1960d ago
"Hey but it’s not like you’re using all your Pokémon to fight, most of the time they’re just know in those metal balls or stored in a PC. Yeah, have you ever seen animals stored at a zoo in a really confined space, they go a bit crazy and then their mind gets turns to pulp."
darkcharizard  +   1960d ago
The best part was Wailord humping the Skitty! ROFL!
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hazelamy  +   1959d ago
i want a pikachu skin rug.
i'd just be worried about the static electricity. :)

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