Two Worlds PC Demo Released

Zuxxez Entertainment today released a demo of Two Worlds, just in time for Games Convention 2007. The demo allows you to explore a large part of Northern Antaloor, while solving various quests. There's also a service release for the full version of the game and a demo patch for the demos distributed on CDs. In related news, Zuxxez Entertainment announced today that the Xbox 360 version of the game will be available next week, on August 29th. This version also includes a multiplayer mode over Xbox Live for up to eight players.

See download mirrors below.

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Rowland3959d ago

At last - an accurate release date.

SuperSaiyan43959d ago

Shame there is no 360 demo :-( anyways might have to download this on the PC then looking forward to the full game!

Oh and its PC and 360 only.

binard3283959d ago

There hasn't been much as far as news goes. All I saw was the trailer that said "The most epic RPG of all time". When someone claims that....who knows.

RadientFlux3959d ago

While I am looking forward to playing this game (supposed to have a amazing storyline). I am expecting the game to score either a high 60 or low 70.

Personally I will still enjoy it since I loved Gothic 1 & 2

boi3959d ago

well im off to download it 30mins kool

hope its a good demo