PS3: Huge PSN Store Update For Leipzig & EU Gets Folklore Demo

While were at Sony's 3Rooms today, they were told that Wednesday night will see a large update straight from Leipzig. Why Wednesday? Because that's when the Sony Press Conference is, of course. The update will contain lots of trailers from the show as well as an English language Folklore demo.

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timmyp533742d ago

hey can i use sumones EU account? =)

Omicronn3742d ago

Make en EU account, its as easy as making your first account accept this time you put in an EU address.

Pick a UK one, make it up, do whatever. Can do this for every country if you want to have Asia accounts also and access every PSN store

bym051d3742d ago

Awesome! Glad I made an EU account too. I can't wait for the english Folklore demo.

Marceles3742d ago

Nice, so I can delete the JPN demo and finally know what the characters are saying :P

chasegamez3742d ago

ps3 rules
warhawk next week

Naruto3742d ago


Siesser3742d ago (Edited 3742d ago )

Happy people can finally play the demo and understand it, but I wouldn't by any means call this a "Huge PSN Store Update;" I was sitting here expecting store remodeling and movies and stuff when you entitled it that way :(. This is why we should stick to the original titles.

Omegasyde3742d ago

I agree.

1 demo and a couple trailers aren't a *HUGE* update. Drtfsouf you just invited 360 fanboys to come in and bash the PSN. If anything, last weeks update is also bigger since it had 2 demos and various trailers.

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The story is too old to be commented.