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Turn Your PlayStation Camera Into A 3D Scanner

The PlayStation Eye is fairly handy as a console camera, a PC webcam and even part of Sony's Move setup. But it's even handier as a 3D scanner. (Playstation Eye, PS3, Sony, Tech)

jwk94  +   1397d ago
this is old.
ssj2gohan83  +   1397d ago
Oh well, it's still interesting non-the-less.
psman012  +   1397d ago
We saw this story like 3 weeks ago lol
jon1234  +   1397d ago
ive never seen this.... so maybe you guys should stop complaining...
ChronoJoe  +   1397d ago
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did it not say duplicate when you went to post this?


Maybe you should take the submission test again...
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Duplicate. Three weeks old.
Marianamckulley  +   1396d ago
3D Scanner
You could use gamma rays which might pentetrate through an object and bounce back. Normal light cannot penetrate through opaque solids like metal, and thus high frequency waves would be preferable. Another way would be to implement several scanners that would fly around the object and gather data from thousands of angles. Miniature robotic cameras shaped like a cube could be attached to 5 high power propellors (1 per face of the cube, leaving 1 face open for the camera itself) to ensure full mobility for the cameras.
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