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Submitted by Tuxmask55 1973d ago | opinion piece

Ditching the DualShock 3

The DualShock is legendary among PlayStation fans. Heck, there was even an outcry among PS followers when the PlayStation 3 launched without rumble in only a Sixaxis variety.

But things change. My hands have grown since my teenage years with the PS2. Or maybe they've just grown tired of the finger cramping from this undersized controller. There are better alternatives. Here's three for fans of the ergonomic Xbox 360 controller and another for PC fans. (Eagle-Eye Converter, Nyko Technologies, Power A, PS3, Tech)

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Hellsvacancy  +   1973d ago
I liked the Boomerang design, my hands r also too big, 4 the DS3 thats part of the reason y i shall probably buy Move at sum point
LordMarius  +   1973d ago
Never will I ditch the Dualshock.
ChineseDemocracy  +   1973d ago
Apparently the "triggers" were meant to be used as throttles? but yes I agree, some concave would be nice.
Immortal321  +   1973d ago
as lond as the name stays PlayStation
dual shock will remain my controller of choice.
Blaine  +   1973d ago
Car pedals, yes, that's the general consensus around here. I think it's plausible. I don't think they're too bad--they slip a bit, but we aren't often required to hold them down for long enough to slip, so usually they're not a problem. I find their travel is too great to be effective for shooting games (the 360 triggers have this problem) which is why I prefer using R1 and L1. Their travel is very short, reducing response time and increasing firing rate--two extremely important factors in shooting games. Games that use R2 to shoot are just doing it wrong.
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Red_Orange_Juice  +   1973d ago
I love dualshock, been using it for 12 years now and no way I'm gonna replace it. Also I like 360 controller, it's comfortable too.

Sony may change triggers in PS4, and make them a bit more like 360 but not like those addons, they're ridiculously big and ugly, they should stay the same size but curved slightly outwards. I like the symmetrical analog sticks.
Imperator  +   1973d ago
If it ain't broke, don't fix it.
EliteAssass1n  +   1973d ago
so why did they add a worthless trigger? That trigger is the reason why i ended buying RDR for my 360 rather than the PS3.
BryanBegins  +   1973d ago
Yes the R2/L2 triggers are pretty bad. I used to play for hours in Burnout Paradise in my fingers were getting really tired of the convex shape. Sony needs to fix that. But rhe R1/L1 are superior in my opinion.
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WildArmed  +   1973d ago
Yeah, I bought those 5$ clip ons to make those better.
Now it's actually very comfortable to use R2/L2.
I hated playing Army of Two (1st one) w/ those horrible R2/L2.. so yeah, I got the clippers :)

Honestly, I still prefer mouse/kb over anything.
It's just I like gaming on consoles more >.> (I know it's hypocritical, but that's what my brain works?)
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SaiyanFury  +   1973d ago
"But things change. My hands have grown since my teenage years with the PS2. Or maybe they've just grown tired of the finger cramping from this undersized controller."

Alrighty, I was in my late teens when the original DualShock came out, and my hands haven't grown any bigger than they were in the late 90s. I adore the DS design and will never ditch it. Fact is, the DS3 and the Xbox 360 controllers are very close in dimensions. The difference is that there's more surface area to grip on the 360's. Personally, I feel the overall feel of the 360 controller is a bit bulky. Granted, I'm not a huge person but with the inclusion of the wonky D-pad, it's a controller clearly setup to favour shooting games, where the DS is the best overall design covering multiple genres. I'll stick to DS thanks. :)
WildArmed  +   1973d ago
For the record, I bet they have no issues playing on a cramped Nintendo DS for hours and hours =p
trounbyfire  +   1973d ago
the DS3 and 360 controller are the same width across
pretty much the same hight

the differences, 360 has triggers, analog placement, and its doesn't bend on the palm area

DS3 no triggers, different analog placement , bends at the palm area

By the way a sisaxis and a 360 controller without batteries weight is the same

the DS3 and 360 controller with batteries weight is the same

for people that use weight and issue

also on IGN scope podcast the host said he like Dual shock controller untill the xbox controller and said they didn't know better before xbox which is funny because the 360 controller is the slim update on the dreamcast controller with another analog stick

i don't care if you like one more than the other but don't say BS to rationalize it. I like DS3 because I had PS1 PS2 PS3 and i played on 360 many times and if that was the one i played more then i would like it more
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ThanatosDMC  +   1973d ago
nuff said
bustamove  +   1973d ago
Redrum059  +   1973d ago
i prefer DS3 for its trigger buttons are like gas peddals (for driving games) and i like it for being sensative. plus the anolog stick is a bit more sensative then the xbox controler stick (watch technobufallo controller comparison). and the buttons on the ds3 are pressure sensative, im not sure if xbox360 controlers have it for i hav not played an xbox game that uses that feature.
IHateYouFanboys  +   1973d ago
"the DS3 and 360 controller are the same width across
pretty much the same hight "

have you ever actually held a 360 controller? the 360 controllers 'handles' are much larger and thicker than the DS3s, hence why they are better for people with adult sized hands.

i grew up using the PS NON analogue controller - which it seems barely any other people on here did - and then the Dual Analogue (not the same as the dual shock), which was MUCH better in design than the Dual Shock - then the Dual Shock, and then the Dual Shock 2...........and as soon as i held the 360 controller in my hand i knew it was the best of the lot. its just so much more ergonomic, and doesnt feel as cheap.

and remember, the analogue sticks on the DS3 are still in their 'tacked on to try and compete with the N64s analogue control' positions, whereas with the 360 the controller was designed with them in mind.

using the excuse of 'i grew up with such and such so i would obviously like it more' is the fanboy mentality. 'ive always had playstations so im only going to buy playstations in the future'.......its pure stupidity. having owned and EXTENSIVELY used pretty much every first party controller for every console since the atari 2600, i have absolutely no trouble saying that the 360s controller is the best of the bunch, narrowly beating out the Megadrive 6 button controller.
dragon82  +   1973d ago
I have the problem where my fingers don't really fit between the battery and the "handles" right on the Xbox controller so it hurts like hell after long gaming sessions. If it didn't have the huge battery sticking out the back it would be alot more comfotable. The position of the left stick also makes my thumb hurt after long sessions. I prefer the DS3 stick placement.

I also grew up playing every single PS contorller as well as Nintendo, Sega, Xbox, Atari. You name it and I have used it. In my opinion the DS3 is the most comfortable controller around.
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IHateYouFanboys  +   1973d ago
tried a wired 360 controller? no battery pack there so that would fix your problem. thats of course presuming that having a wired one is possible with your setup, of course.

i actually find that my thumbs become sore after using the DS3, due to the unnatural position that they sit out at to use both of the analogue sticks. when you clench your hands, your thumbs automatically and naturally go to the positions where the left analogue and XYAB buttons are on the 360s controller, and the dpad/XO[]/\ are on the DS3.

the dpad is no longer the primary input, so why should it be in the primary position? it makes no sense.

"I like the Sixaxis because it's the lighter of the two (by far) and the analogue sticks have significantly smaller built in deadzones"


the DS3s deadzone is much larger than the 360s ones. the analogues also offer less resistance, giving less precision.
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dragon82  +   1973d ago
Using a wired controller would be a step back in my opinion. There is a reason why all three consoles have wireless controllers now.

I have to disagree about the natural position of the left analogue stick as well. The DS3's left stick just feels more natural to me. You know what, I actually prefer the original Xbox S controller to the 360 controller.
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WildArmed  +   1973d ago
Here's a thought.

Ever tried telling a Lefty that the left hand is more unfortable.. so he should start using his Right hand (assuming ur a Righty)?

Yeah, so this is the same argument we are having right now..

I can't believe we still have to have discussion like this.

It's been well over 60 years(!) since video game consoles were first introduced. And we still haven't learnt to respect the simplest choices of a gamer.. The controller of his/her choice.
niceguyWii3  +   1973d ago
You are full of crap my hands are the size of a silverbacks and the DS3 fits just fine and I get no "cramps" some of you girls are complaining about.
ChronoJoe  +   1973d ago
I like the Sixaxis because it's the lighter of the two (by far) and the analogue sticks have significantly smaller built in deadzones, so that makes input more precise.

That's just my personal preference though. Personally I think the PC control exploit on PS3 - is cheating in a MP enviroment where DS3s are the standard, but I'm sure Sony will ban the devices if they see a significant uptake.
WildArmed  +   1973d ago
Yeah, I find it funny when people spout their opinion/personal preference as a fact.

I respect the fact if you like the DS3 more than 360 coontroller.. or the 360 pad more than DS3.

Quite frankly, I dont give a fuck what your reasons are.
I prefer "this" controller (for the sake of integrity I'm not mentioning it) so don't try to tell me my PREFERENCE IS WRONG.

Because when it comes down to it.. it's just preference.

It's like telling someone who uses a ABCD keyboard that he has been using the wrong keyboard his whole life.. now go and use QWERTY..
well you know what, if he is comfortable with it, LET HIM FUKING BE. (kinda bad example, but I hope you get the vibe I was going for)

Don't go flaunting your preference to be the right one.
GuruStarr78  +   1973d ago my above post, I was merely stating my opinion and how I feel about the controller and how it fits in MY hand....not yours....Fanboys see that you dislike the Dualshock and they immediattely disagree with you, without understanding that it's an opinion and not a fact that we are trying to argue.
WildArmed  +   1973d ago
Oh, By no means was this post aimed towards you.
I know that you were expressing your choice.
But there are some people who are not *expressing* but *forcing* their choice.
It for those those people I went on a rant xD
(3 times in this article alone!)
bustamove  +   1973d ago
I have always enjoyed the Dualshock. But why this title seems like flamebait is beyond me.
GuruStarr78  +   1973d ago
I'm not a fan of the DS3 much so, that if a game launches for both platforms, I always get the 360 version. Not only is the DS3 too small, but the analog sticks are too close for me and the convex design always seems to make my thumbs slip off during play.....I've got a Nyko Raven controller with the 360 layout on preorder, I'm hoping it is a solid controller, because I really do like my PS3, but until I find a controller comparable to the 360's, I'm only going to use my ps3 for it's exclusive titles.
HDgamer  +   1973d ago
That's an excuse lol. You can always get a converter to play a 360 controller on the ps3. It's under $20. Would've been completely different if you chose the games because of content/friends/preference. But controllers? Nah lol
kelo360  +   1973d ago
Actually the best PS3/360 converter is 90 bucks. It's the one to get because you're going to need to switch the L1/R1 triggers on PS3 shooters to the better L2/R2 triggers on the Xbox controller.
HDgamer  +   1973d ago
I like the dualshock controller because it's the most familiar and comfortable controller I've been using. It's pretty damn good to use it especially with FPS's. I'm slowly getting used to the 360 controller as well but I do prefer the DS3 because it just feels natural.
redDevil87  +   1973d ago
Dualshock for life!
TheLastGuardian  +   1973d ago
gamejediben  +   1973d ago
I prefer the DS3 to the 360 controller but the Gamecube controller is by far the best controller ever made, even if it is ugly to look at.
jdigitalseven  +   1973d ago
DS3 too small?? I'm 6'3 with a size 14 shoe and I have no problem holding a DS3. I really cant stand the analog stick localizations on the 360 controller though. Along with the fact that the 360 controller should be bluetooth for the insane reach it could have. Why wont MS put bluetooth anything in their system?
moogle_inc  +   1973d ago
I like DS3 than 360 controller
I have both, DS3 more sensitive than 360, and i have small hand. 360 just too big for me :)
kingzi777   1973d ago | Spam
dkgshiz  +   1973d ago
The dual shock is probably the best controller ever.
Its the only controller that I never had a problem with. The worst controllers Ive ever used would have to be the following. The N64 controller,original 1st gen xbox controller,gamecube controller. The most laughable controller design would probably have to go to the 1st gen xbox controller. It was the biggest most ridiculous controller I have ever seen or used. The N64 controller was just horse shit. It was just god awfully designed.
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N4BmpS  +   1973d ago
Nah, ditch the DS3? Can't, everything is exactly where it should be, might be just because I'm so used to it. If they want to change the design a little I would be welcome to that but keep the button organization the same. Besides I played a few 360 games, I like the controller but I have to have my DS3.
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despair  +   1973d ago
This guy says the DualShock is small for his hands, as someone with very large hands myself, thats nonsense, I get no discomfort from using the controller even after prolonged use.
TheLastGuardian  +   1973d ago
The Dualshock 3 has a perfect design. Best controller ever. I feel sorry for you if you have to buy an offbrand controller to fit your ogre hands.
niceguyWii3  +   1973d ago
but I am a OGRE!!!
LedZeppelin  +   1973d ago
Im not gonna lie, I have huge hands, and the DS3 fits awesome in my hands. Don't get me wrong I like the xbox controller but I prefer the DS3.
jambabie69  +   1973d ago
i like them both
depends on the game you are playing really. but if you want a ps3 controller that is more like the 360 heres a link for those who care

posting that because their are alternatives for those that don't like the ds3. i am sure i don't have a link though that their are alternatives for the 360 controller as well.

but to me it depends on the game......but i can use either one if need be no problem really
frelyler  +   1973d ago
Did someone seriously waste their time to write about this. Then some actually had to comment on this like it was a well written or coherent article.
AlienFodder  +   1973d ago
I prefer the DS3 because it's much lighter than the 360 controller and it has a much better D-Pad. But I prefer the triggers on the 360 and the fact that the analog sticks are concave.

They each have their pros and cons. :)
TardcoreGamer  +   1973d ago
Sony needs to update it.
The DS2 had a much better build quality. The DS3 is way more fragile (I recently have twisted it completely in half!) The R2, L2 buttons convex and are hinged in a way that doesn't feel comfortable when pushed in. Over all it feels dated compared to a 360 controller. Its currently the biggest gripe my Xbox fanboy friends have when they come over to play. If M$ can fix the flaws in their controller, namely the d-pad, then Sony should fallow suite with the DS3!
niceguyWii3  +   1973d ago
You could always get new friends?
SpitFireAce85  +   1973d ago
Iam used to the Dualshock to much and my hands are not
ogre sized so ill keep using it.Hope Sony wont do something
stupid with the next DS controller next gen.
phatak  +   1973d ago
since people complain about thw trigger. there is an accessory called pelican triggers. an attactment to the dualshock 3. this makes the triggers the same as the 360 1. here it is:
Red5  +   1973d ago
Am i the only one who has intensified gameplay because of rumble?
Anyway, Love the dualshock 3, weight, feel, look, everything. Wouldn't have it any other way.
TardcoreGamer  +   1973d ago
I have a Power A Pro Elite controller for ps3 and much prefer a DS3. Although the Pro Elite is one of the best feeling controllers, it still isn't as precise as Sony's. The Pro Elite sadly suffers from a dead zone in the analog sticks.
PS3-247  +   1973d ago
Dualshock controller is the best. What Sony should do is make a bigger version for people with big hands but still keep making the original.
adonis183  +   1973d ago
derss alottt of traitors in here
s45gr32  +   1973d ago
the dualshock is the best controller ever made there is no needed change.
earbus  +   1973d ago
Its the biggest barrier on ps3 for me cant play long hand cramps its just to small never played sony consoles much cause of that reason i went n64 dreamcast xbox if i get a new style controller i would play ps3 longer than ten minutes.
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niceguyWii3  +   1973d ago
Drink some gatoraide.
iceman2885  +   1973d ago
I swear to god people must not get enough electrolytes
NEVER in my entire life of gaming, no matter what controller or system I've played, have I ever experience hand cramps.

Actually I'm about 99% sure that everyone that says they get hand cramps from using a controller is full of sheisse.
andron666  +   1973d ago
I believe them...
I can't use the 360 controller for long periods because its shape is uncomfortable for my hands. I never have that problem with the DS controller...
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darkdoom3000  +   1973d ago
Aside from the innoying triggers (i bought the clips) the dualshock is the perfect for me. I've been using it for 15 years so ive gotten very used to them.
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Unbiased_gamer  +   1973d ago
I'm thinking of using the Nav in my left hand and mouse in the other. I'll get the best of both worlds and I can still play on my couch =D
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