The Messiah Interviews (Part 1) writes:

"Hello dear readers, Retroplayer here. During May of this year I began the task of trying creating the definitive developer roundtable interview of the 2000 Shiny game Messiah. Now, this is a long one but it’s worth it. After months in the making I present to you the first part of a two parted interview with seven of the developers who created Messiah. I can write all I want about Messiah but learn about its creation directly from the source. Enjoy.

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FragMnTagM2744d ago

Still to this day, the graphics still look relevant. The game was just friggin amazing for it's time. I wish Shiny was still around. They were like the R*'s of the time period.

xer02744d ago

I don't get it because they produced great games like Messiah and MDK.

Even to this day, i'm hoping for another MDK or Messiah game.

Cajun Chicken2744d ago

Like all Shiny games. This game was before it's time.