Behind Sony's war on console modding

GGG: "At the heart of the fraught court battle between video gaming giant Sony and a clutch of tiny Australian technology retailers is a simple disparity between the philosophical way in which each views the PlayStation 3 console.

The retailers view the device -- of which Sony has sold almost a million in Australia -- more or less the same way most consumers view most things they purchase: As an item which they own by virtue of forking out some dosh.

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Anime-Vixen3017d ago

OMG another PS3 mod article! Seriously don't approve this.

comp_ali3017d ago

This article is well written with tons of infos and related topics.
it is worth it.

Otheros003017d ago (Edited 3017d ago )

Only People with one or two bubbles are approving it.
Those people need to >__>
And those people need to stop being but hurt over the fact that ps3 just got better with M$ help.

GaMe013017d ago

I know there Motto is it only does everything it should be

It only gets hacked by everything

danmachine3017d ago

you have repeated that in every ps3 hacked article.

joypads3017d ago

you mean "Australian technology THIEVES".

The real killer3017d ago

Turn on in debug mode, i don't call that hack.
Since the HDD from the PS3 is FAT32 Format they cant install higher than 4 GIG.

Everyting i see a video with install those backup they wont let us see the game is running without a disc.

DORMIN3017d ago


LOL. Got to admit its been 4 years into the PS3's life and its just now finally being "hacked" has got to be a consumer record. Like you said its not fully hacked, its jailbroken, which is pretty different from modding/hacking a console.

Lazyeye793017d ago

The PS3's internal HDD is an in-house made format by Sony themselves, its not FAT32 (besides external HDD). Which explains why some games can have 4 or more gigs of install, GT5 has the option for a 10 gig optional install (read that somewhere).

Also they said that a game has to be in the PS3 for it to work properly just not the same game you wish to play.

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