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Behind Sony's war on console modding

GGG: "At the heart of the fraught court battle between video gaming giant Sony and a clutch of tiny Australian technology retailers is a simple disparity between the philosophical way in which each views the PlayStation 3 console.

The retailers view the device -- of which Sony has sold almost a million in Australia -- more or less the same way most consumers view most things they purchase: As an item which they own by virtue of forking out some dosh. (Industry, PS3, Tech)

Anime-Vixen  +   1759d ago
OMG another PS3 mod article! Seriously don't approve this.
comp_ali  +   1759d ago
This article is well written with tons of infos and related topics.
it is worth it.
Otheros00  +   1759d ago
Only People with one or two bubbles are approving it.
Those people need to >__>
And those people need to stop being but hurt over the fact that ps3 just got better with M$ help.
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GaMe01  +   1759d ago
I know there Motto is it only does everything it should be

It only gets hacked by everything
ReservoirDog316  +   1759d ago
Clever. So very clever...
danmachine  +   1759d ago
you have repeated that in every ps3 hacked article.
joypads  +   1759d ago
Australian technology retailers !!!!
you mean "Australian technology THIEVES".
The real killer  +   1759d ago
Turn on in debug mode, i don't call that hack.
Since the HDD from the PS3 is FAT32 Format they cant install higher than 4 GIG.

Everyting i see a video with install those backup they wont let us see the game is running without a disc.
DORMIN  +   1759d ago

LOL. Got to admit its been 4 years into the PS3's life and its just now finally being "hacked" has got to be a consumer record. Like you said its not fully hacked, its jailbroken, which is pretty different from modding/hacking a console.
Lazyeye79  +   1759d ago
The PS3's internal HDD is an in-house made format by Sony themselves, its not FAT32 (besides external HDD). Which explains why some games can have 4 or more gigs of install, GT5 has the option for a 10 gig optional install (read that somewhere).

Also they said that a game has to be in the PS3 for it to work properly just not the same game you wish to play.
GigaGaia  +   1759d ago
Bullshit. You bought the PS3, just like a car, you can do whatever you want with it.
Unicron  +   1759d ago
So I can steal gasoline then for the car that I own?

Gotcha. Good analogy buddy.
commodore64  +   1759d ago
Modifying the ps3 is not akin to stealing gasoline, at all.

Modifying the ps3 merely allows the user to fill up with whatever fuel they wish. It is more akin to converting the car to run on ethanol or natural gas, instead of the fuel that Sony dictates.

Stealing said fuel is a separate issue altogether, and not comparable, unless games are stolen (pirated).
However, on its own, the JB does not do that, in the same way that a sharp axe does not kill people by itself.
It takes people to do that, and that is the crime that needs to be addressed. Banning axes solves nothing.

Gotcha. good analogy buddy.
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Axecution  +   1759d ago
I think the car analogy just wen't completely overboard. lol
DrDreadlox  +   1759d ago
If you mod your ps3, Sony won't come to your house and take your console away. You are right, you bought it, it is yours to do as you please.

However, by modding your console you have thrown away your rights as a Sony customer. Therefore they have no obligation with providing you with and online service and they won't fix your console if it bricks. Also, playing backups of a game that you do not own is illegal and is not tolerated. So yeah, Sony isn't stopping you from doing anything, as long as you are ready to face the consequences.
andron666  +   1759d ago
Fair enough...
But if this interferes with the security and stability of PSN, then Sony have the right to take action.

As long as you use the hack to use homebrew or play backups I see no problem either. Only problem is this might make it easier for all those hackers and cheaters who want to interfere with mp games. If it's so, I hope they ban them...
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outrageous  +   1759d ago
Great article...
...that will fall on deaf ears. I don't agree with pirating but you can't just say you are not aloud to open a PS3 or use it anyway you want. You want to ban guys for playing back-ups on a PS3, go right ahead, it's your right. But that's not what this is all about. It is the equivalent of banning a screwdriver because it may lead to pirating and that's wrong. The hack doesn't break any laws because they haven't done anything YET. This is about the POTENTIAL to do something and that is a dangerous precedent. Whats next, blank discs??? DvD burners...etc.

As the Internet becomes more and more the standard, you will see more of this type of bullying by companies with more money than brains. Sony could potentially ban anyone that has messed with the PS3 WHEN, and this is the sticky part, they go on line and Sony can sneak a peak at their PS3's and see what they have been up to. Pretty soon you will have to be connected to an on line source at all times in order to game....sound familiar.
jmare  +   1759d ago
First of all, it's not a hack.

Second, there is no use for this except for game "backups". There is no way, at least as of yet, to run homebrew, which would be the only legal application of this device. And yet, think about it, what do all the videos of this "hack" show it doing? Copying game files and then playing them without the disc in the PS3. Gee, that sounds like something pirates would do, doesn't it? Rent the game, rip it to the hard drive and then keep it without paying for it.

All this modchip has been shown to do is enable piracy, nothing else.
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