Worldwide Weekly Chart for Week Ending 28th Aug 2010

Worldwide Hardware

DS - 245,969 (-6%)
360 - 196,405 (-3%)
Wii - 176,342 (+22%)
PS3 - 140,725 (-1%)
PSP - 102,932 (+37%)
PS2 - 30,288 (-2%)

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Halo_Reach2791d ago

Wii is back some more weeks and will beat the 360.

Xbox doing great cant wait for Reach.

Ps3 better week this year will be GT5 week the rest of the year is a downfall compared with 2009.

Motorola2791d ago

PS3 games were mostly in the first part of 2011 anyway.

Denethor_II2790d ago (Edited 2790d ago )

Yeah but GT5 in November is the brands beast.

360 sold more than the Wii; impressive.

Dark_Energy2791d ago

I like the way vgchartz is still around after many developers have claimed their numbers are incorrect.

How can an incorrect source be official?

mrv3212790d ago

It's not about how correct they are, it's about how they make other consoles look...

lelo2play2790d ago

I think the USA and Japanese sales are more or less right. The problem is the EMEAA sales. There are just to many countries to estimate the software and hardware sales in all of them.

Cueil2790d ago

They are always rechecking their past numbers and doing adjustments it's especially hard for Europe and the Asian region outside of Japan. That being said they are usually pretty close... within 10 percent for the most part.

eagle212791d ago (Edited 2791d ago )

If DS is still selling that well before the Sept. 12th price cut, it's safe to say Nintendo will have the best selling game system by year's end. Only around 8-9 million (based on Nintendo and Sony data, not to go to beat the mighty best selling ps2. :)

The real killer2790d ago (Edited 2790d ago )

I have to say, since the new 360 S came out, allot of 360 owners buy the S verion for replacing their old 360 models.

polygamia2790d ago

Same as ps3 model in previous time

R2D22790d ago (Edited 2790d ago )

Dont take the bait people.

@Poly - not sure if you are new here but what killer is trying to do is set the mood up for the trolls.

ASSASSYN 36o2790d ago

Replacing? I am supplementing my entertainment with a 360s. I am not replacing shit.

hoops2790d ago

He is a troll..i am surprised is not banned from this site as of yet

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Lord_Doggington2790d ago

wow, the psp had quite a showing!

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