Duke Nukem Forever Changes Course of Human History With Dedicated Beer Button

Many thought it would be impossible for Duke Nukem Forever to justify its decade of development. But those people were proven wrong today when screen shots from Pax Prime revealed the new Duke Nukem game would feature what is sure to be the greatest innovation in gaming history, a dedicated “Beer” button.

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IrishYamato2790d ago

Is there a 'if this game is crap im gonna kill the bastards that took a lifetime to make it' button?

Edward-Kraken2790d ago

Maybe it serves as the steroids this time?

MGRogue20172790d ago (Edited 2790d ago )

I'd much rather like to have a "instant classic duke nukem quotes" button to be honest with 'ya

ThatArtGuy2790d ago

That's where most of them are ripped from.

Hitster2790d ago

Maybe it does both o_0

MrBubble2790d ago

ya but if screw it up theres gonna be riots trusty me there always is


Sandal2790d ago (Edited 2790d ago )

By putting regenerating health in the game and making it like every other casual shooter.

ChronoJoe2790d ago

It was always like that to begin with. Didn't you see the project in original development? It was like every shooter at it's time... now it's still like... every shooter at it's time. It's time has just changed a little, as has it.

It's not a messing around with health packs type of game anyway. Duke needs health regen to keep the pace up.

akiraburn2790d ago (Edited 2790d ago )

Actually Sandal, it doesn't quite feature a normal regenerating health system, and instead employs a health system relating to Duke's "Ego". Instead of having a health bar or anything, the game has an Ego Bar, which lets directly relates to his health, and apparently from what they have been saying it may affect something else as well.

So anyway, when you kill enemies or do some seriously brutal and/or manly stuff, you'll regain ego, which is essentially your health. I'd also throw out the guess that there will be a button or way that will have a direct correlation with boosting ego in the same way a medpack would have boosted your health in the last game. That's just a guess though.

Although I do agree, too many games are employing the auto-regen health system when they really shouldn't, and that's affected one of my most anticipated games coming up, Deus Ex 3. The game looks really amazing aside from that, but still, losing out on the bodypart-specific damage system they had in Deus Ex 1 is a real downer, especially since it was such a draw of the original game and made it so unique. Oh well, that's an entirely different topic though for another time. Duke is looking pretty surprisingly good, so I have my fingers crossed on this one.

Nihilism2790d ago

Someone is too young to have played a Duke Nukem game I see...

as Duke would say "blow it out your ass"

krishnabloodsoul52790d ago

i think i'll faint....its top of popular topics on twitter now

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The story is too old to be commented.