Dead Rising 2: Case Zero Combo Weapons Guide

If there was one thing XBLAFans noticed with Dead Rising 2 compared to the original, it was that while Frank West may have known his way around with a camera he is no match for new protagonist, Chuck Greene, when it comes to building things with his hands. This bona fide MacGyver has some pretty nasty tricks up his sleeve and improvised weapon combinations are essential to your survival in Still Creek. After you’ve had some time to play around with things on your own, here is a guide to the Combo’s available to you during Dead Rising Case Zero.

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cain1413025d ago

I love the baseball bat with nails, but I wish the 2 by 4 worked too

GusBricker3024d ago

Paddle Saw is awesome, but it breaks fairly quickly. I love if you hold down X, you're a slicing and dicing machine!

Boomstick is great, you can kill 3-4 zombies behind the one you stab if you're lucky, plus 2500 PP for the ultimate combo card attack? Epic.

SnukaTheMan3024d ago

Pretty fun and challenging for such a small game.