Blu-ray outpaces HD-DVD 2:1 in U.S.

According to Home Media Research, during the first half of 2007 a total of 1.6M movies were sold on the Blu-ray format. Rival HD DVD sold less than half during the same time period, with a total of 795,000 movies sold. Since the launch of the formats, Blu-ray has amassed sales of 2.2M movies compared to just 1.5M on HD DVD (which includes data collected through July).

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BIadestarX3989d ago

Well.. with all the exclusive support blu-ray is getting from the movie industry + the PS3 comming with like 5 blu-ray movies (which are being count here)... I would think blu-ray would be beating HD DVD 100:1. It says a lot about the chances blu-ray would have if the movie studio would also support HD DVD...

MK_Red3989d ago

I agree but part of HD's recent success is because of 300 and Warner's HD-DVD exclusive Matrix Trilogy.

Lumbo3989d ago

Sorry, but only separate sales are counted, free giveaways like the 5BD's per BD Player are not "sales" (also HDDVD players get 5-10 free HDDVD's, too ;) )

Hatchetforce3989d ago

Thanks for pointing that out Lumbo but you are wasting your breath. This guy haunts every PS3 thread he can find always looking for the negative angle. He is so threatened by Sony doing well he will say anything. His comments ar a joke. Facts are made of rubber for people like him. They are in for a rude awakening since the world is going down the Blueray road.

ben hates you3989d ago (Edited 3989d ago )

the war is not yet over, blue ray may be paving a path, but the wars not over until people stop buying one or the other

MK_Red3989d ago

True. But a big war is ahead of us before chrismas. Blu-ray has two heavy hitters, namely Spiderman 3 and Pirates of Caribbean 3from Sony and Disney along with Fox's Live Free Or Die Hard & Fantastic Four 2 ROTSS and Disney's Ratatouille. The only big HD-DVD exclusive is Bourne Ultimatum and all of them will be getting Harry Potter, Transformers and Shrek The Third.

Fisher3393989d ago

this war will ever end.
Honestly the market is big enough for both formats.

Even if Both formats stay I would imagine All Next-Next Gen systems using a Hybrid Drive.

Putting Blu-ray is ps3 was a smart move for the format. Toshiba should find a console that uses HD-Dvd as its standard.

DrPirate3989d ago

No, I want this to end now. There's no way in hell I'm buying a HD-DVD player JUST to watch Back to the Future if/when it comes out on HD-DVD(It's a Universal movie).

BBsin3989d ago

SpiderMan3 and Pirates of the caribean 3 exclusive on Bluray is really going to hurt Toshiba and HDDVD. Both those movies did better than 300 in the box office. Unless HDDVD gets some more exclusive titles, Toshiba is going to have a very rough holiday.

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