Nitrobike Interview

Earlier this year, Ubisoft pulled a surprise announcement out of its hat when it revealed Nitrobike for Wii. The dirt-bike racing game, which reminds IGN in many ways of Excite Truck, is created by Left Field Productions, which ironically helmed the fantastic Excitebike 64. IGN recently chatted with LFP's CEO, James Higgins, about the company's racing roots and what is has planned for Nitrobike. 17 new Nitrobike screens to complement today's interview have been posted.

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djt234060d ago

James Higgins said that this game is all about fun in the form of big air and tricks, but I think it is actually much more fun to get into the rhythm of well-designed tracks as seen in Excite Bike 64. It seems like this game may be too much like Excite Truck and not enough like Excite Bike 64. But I'm still keeping my fingers crossed.