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Submitted by xbox360elitegamer 3028d ago | rumor

Rumor: PGR4 may be delayed?

Well, get ready for more rumors to begin swirling as XF has learned that PGR4 could be getting a delay tacked on it. XF isn't not positive at this time , but the source who gave them the information hasn't been wrong yet. For the time being, it's a rumor, but it's really looking like gamers will have to wait a little longer to get there hands on the amazing next-gen racer. (Project Gotham Racing 4, Xbox 360)
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Drewminati  +   3028d ago
Let them take their time. i don't mind waiting til next year.. Plenty of games coming out to occupy us for a while
otherZinc  +   3028d ago
This is ok.
This will give me more time to play BIOSHOCK before HALO 3 gets here.

Also, I want to play more of FORZA, I'm a level 31.
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xbox360elitegamer  +   3028d ago
It's cool!
not bothering me. I would continue playing Forza, I'm level 42, I want to get to level 50, it will keep me busy foe a wile.
supaet  +   3028d ago
I'll like to see them delay to october...

two microsoft publish games in one month when one of them is halo just doens't make any sense...
jcgamer  +   3028d ago
Bizarre Take All The Time You Need Guys!
I know it's worth the wait...and spreading out the AAA isn't bad on the wallet either...
BIadestarX  +   3028d ago
People have not have enough of Forza 2 just yet... Microsoft should push it back a bit. use the extra time to make the game better.
nobizlikesnowbiz  +   3028d ago
Fine by me. Same deal with you folks, I'm still playing Forza 2 a lot. Currently at level 39. Need to get that *50*.

Seriously M$ is all in my wallet this holiday. I don't have much else to spend my money on other than food/gas/drugs/alcohol.
CRIMS0N_W0LF  +   3028d ago
I feel like doing like SuperSaiyan4

Welcome to Delay360!
God of Gaming  +   3028d ago
After the Bioshock Demo and Forza 2... (maybe even Medal of Honor and Stranglehold).. im set till Halo 3 and beyond.... so take your time with PGR4, make it amazing!
Bordel_1900  +   3028d ago
It's delayed because the X360 is so hard to develope for ;)
Rhezin  +   3028d ago
blackdragon87  +   3028d ago
f**K it take your good sweet time with it!!! Plz dont be like forza 2..i dont car if i have to wait until next year id rather have a good game instead of a half done game..
bym051d  +   3028d ago
Another delayed game on the Delaystation3.

Oh, wait.
Keyser  +   3028d ago
Bubbles for humor.

Hopefully this helps fanboys realize that in business there is awlays delays.

The pendulum swings both ways.
razer  +   3028d ago
I keep saying
"It's OK, thats more time for the other games".. It's just that I keep saying that as more and more games are getting delayed. Soon there will be just a couple if it keeps up at this pace..

Oh well, this is a RUMOR!! Not confirmed so no need to hate.
sjappie  +   3028d ago
If this is true,
it sucks! This game is high on my list and I want it now.
djt23  +   3028d ago
i don't mind waiting til next year because i have too much games to buy
DARK WITNESS  +   3028d ago
it was like this last year...
does no one remember games like saints row, splinter cell DA, etc all getting pushed back last year.

given that PGR3 was rushed, BC have said its their game all the way. we know we have more then enough games to keep us going this year.

i never could see how i was going to get all the games i want this year. no matter what, some games i would have to leave till next year.

even if i did get them all this year, would i play them. truth be, i will prob just be playing halo well into 2008 before i start to think about playing other games.

its all good !
_insane_cobra  +   3028d ago
It wouldn't surprise me, but it's not necessarily because the game needs more development time. With GTA 4 out of the way, Microsoft needs to plug the hole in October by reshuffling their release schedule. They might also put more exclusives in November and December.
CarnageXB  +   3028d ago
Its official
PGR4 is delayed


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