Destructoid: Hands-on with Stranglehold, BlackSite: Area 51

Destructoid was invited to the Strangehold event held in San Francisco and they were able to get their hands on with Strangehold and Blacksite: Area 51. Here's a quick summary of their impressions:

The bottom line: It's fun, tons of action, looks great but gets repetitive way too fast.

Blacksite: Area 51
Bottom line: The action is good, simple squad commands, and epic boss fights.

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tplarkin73940d ago

The game is good, but I have zero tolerance for dipping framerates and mediocre texture work. If you turn in a circle, half of it is 60 FPS and the other half is 24 FPS. It puts a damper on shooting. It's as if the developer had 100 guys working on the game and then put the pieces together at the last minute.