10 Exclusive New Killzone 3 Screenshots

Guerilla Games has officially released 10 new screens from the Killzone 3 multiplayer on their website.

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gijsbrecht2923d ago

Absolutely beautiful. Just from these stills alone you can sense the chaos and carnage present in the MP. The Corinth Highway #2 & #4 pictures are my favorites. The Mech is quite menacing.

PlayStationTEAM2923d ago

[Compatible With] PlayStation MOVE Controls + 3D = Instant WIN!

Blacktric2923d ago

I wouldn't count Move support as a "total" win yet. After seeing the demonstration, it wasn't too much different than other Wii FPS games like Red Steel in terms of control sensitivity and feeling. I'm not saying it's a gimmick but as of right now, it's just a little extra feature that most will ignore. But if they'll perfect it (and I'm pretty sure they will do it since there's a lot of time until release) it'll be a nice addition to the gameplay.

mrcash2923d ago

Yup very excited for this game, it looks amazing.

Dellis2923d ago

Looks the same as KZ2, all they needed to change was the underwater effect which is gone, added new color/brightness levels which they did, add Move support to sell that which they did, add 3D to sell TVs, ect

Christopher2923d ago

I notice they've sharpened up a lot of the elements as well. The metal elements look very nice and the details are handled very nicely on them as well.

MisterNiwa2923d ago

The graphics look even better, there is a lot more implemented and even a whole new control scheme with the Move.

Compared to CoD and Halo, this is a true sequel to a game.

wenaldy2923d ago

It's called art direction sunshine....

HeroXIV2923d ago

They've changed the most important thing : GAMEPLAY. More expansive environments, more destruction, jetpacks, vehicles, more robust multiplayer (customization & any-order unlocks), better controls, brand-new modes.

cyborg69712923d ago

Gtfo troll the changes to this game are vast. And the under water effect is just the water on your brain you were born with.

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The story is too old to be commented.