Top Ten Coolest Things You Don't Need

Cool stuff. We all want it and a lot of it we think we need, but we really don't. Think about every major step forward in technology that we think we can't live without and then remember that society existed for thousands of years without any of that crap.

Just remember that all ten of the items on this list are really cool things. And you could live to be a thousand years old and you'll never really need a single one of them.

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NINJARIFIK3942d ago (Edited 3942d ago )

i have to get one of those locater thingamagigs, i actually really need that! sweet! then i can find my remote when i lose it under one of my chins.

Depressed Mode3942d ago

I fail to see why this shouldn't be approved. It can be under the gaming & tech channels. Otherwise, what would be considered tech?

Why_So_Serious3941d ago

i've gots to get me one of these

deadeyes993941d ago

I got a 360, got an ipod gettin an iphone, i think this ship of trying to sway me not to buy crap has sailed LOL.