Preview: Dead Head Fred

Dead Head Fred is a remarkably entertaining title for the PSP, which truly falls into one of the best original IP category for any portable device. PSU was excited to have a hands on look at this title. Although M rated, Dead Head Fred has a charmingly morbid sense of humor and looks to have enough action, puzzles, and story to keep players happy.

Throughout the game, one thing that apparently stands out is: mechanics. Fred collects many heads that all accumulate as the journey progresses. Fred had his head stolen by a crime boss named Pitt who wanted his head for his trophies of enemies. Doctor Steiner, the man who saved Fred's brain and brought it back to life, decides it would be a good idea to give Fred the ability to swap his own brain in a jar head out for other heads that might be more useful due to other circumstances.

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Wolverick3967d ago

I think I'm gonna have to pick this game up. Something about swapping brains seems a little fun.