Project Sylpheed Review

In taking the leap from one niche genre to another, Project Sylpheed still retains much of the style of its predecessor. Everything from the gently garish glowing colour schemes to the thick, syrupy feel of space is in place.

The overall aesthetic of this newest game is largely familiar, right down to the babbling radio chatter that fills the background, keeping to the feel of its forefathers. Most of the ships are identical, and even some of the explosions from the PlayStation 2 version of the lumbering shmup have made it through to the newest incarnation of the Silpheed universe.

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SuperSaiyan43879d ago

Its strange as I looked at the back cover I had to look again as I read the following:

'This games does NOT support Xbox Live' I was shocked!

Then I remembered some content came out recently that now adds Live support with extra stuff and online leader board - I guess which is good.

But I thought ALL games on the 360 had to support Xbox Live?? Maybe after talks with Square Enix Microsoft must have given them a solution to just add leaderboards lol.