[Rumor Control] Alan Wake for PS3

The guys over at [email protected] decided to go about finding the truth to this rumor that was posted on N4G. Their result... "Have not seen this rumor myself thanks for letting me know. No substance to this, Alan Wake is being developed for the 360 and Vista."

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CaliGamer3940d ago

Who debunked the rumor? I didn't really see a source or any indication as the the authenticity of the posting. What is Alan Wake by the way?

synce3940d ago

The rumor doesn't even have to be debunked. Microsoft is publishing the game. That means there is exactly 0% chance of it coming to PS3.

Leathersoup3940d ago

Alan Wake is a sort of Action/Survival/Puzzle/Horror game being developed by Remedy (makers of Max Payne & Max Payne2).

FCOLitsjustagame3940d ago (Edited 3940d ago )

is some mysterious game for the 360 thats been in development for a while. Not that I care if it does go cross platform but honestly this article to "debunk" "the rumor that was posted on NG4" is the first time I have ever heard of the rumor of this going to PS3 on NG4. I probably missed it, but I just thought it was amusing. It reminds me of the infomercials where people invent something to solve a problem, that was never a problem until they invented this something that would solve it.

If Alan Wake is 3rd party developer and they can develop it cheap enough on the PS3 that they would make money then they would be foolish not to make it cross platform.

Looks like MS is the publisher. So unless the deal falls through or they have some type of open contract I would assume this 2nd party game would not go cross. (unless MS publishing is happy to make the money on the PS3, which they may be).

Publisher: Microsoft Game Studios
Developer: Remedy Ent.
Genre: Modern Action Adventure
Release Date: TBA

ShiftyLookingCow3940d ago

nice name. just wondering who the funny guy in your avatar is? I have been watching sci fi shows and futurama("Marcus Fenix" is funny as hell) lately, and that guy looks like Richard Dean Anderson from Stargate but on second guess I feel I am totally wrong.

ben hates you3940d ago

dang right thats jack, thats the episode where they get in a time loop

its just about the best episode

Violater3940d ago

wayyyy before stargate :D

ShiftyLookingCow3940d ago

yeah the time loop episode was very funny

FCOLitsjustagame3939d ago

Thanks, yep its col Jaok O'Neill (two L's) in the ep Window of Opportunity or what I like to refer to it as the "ground hog day episode". He was on the edge in that scene about to lose it and having to explain that term to teal'c with one excellent explanation.

"Lose it". It means, Go crazy, nuts, insane, bonzo.... No longer in possession of one's faculties. Three fries short of a Happy Meal..... Wacko!! "

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kingofps33940d ago

There goes my hopes on playing Alan Awake on the most powerful console under the sun.

Remedy Games, if you guys are reading this which you should be, please make MAX PAYNE 3!!!!!! Please...

kingofps33940d ago

You don't look so good. Whats up? The 360's fan heat burnin yaa?

JasonPC360PS3Wii3940d ago (Edited 3940d ago )

This window is now closed, please come back tomorrow and try again. have a nice day :-)

kingofps33940d ago

You must be out of your mind. Oh! What am I saying, you are GAYson.

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DirtyRat3940d ago

I agree MAx Payne 3 would be lovely :)

This rumour should have been quickly killed considering M$ is publishing it, its not going to PS3, simple as that.

LeShin3940d ago

Man, i'm tired of reading all these stupid rumor stories that aren't true and have no foundation. MGS going to the XBox, Gears of War going to the PS3 and now this. Who is approving these stories anyway??
Enough of these rumor stories, I prefer facts.

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