XBox 360 Investigation

WCC and SKWC have filed a lawsuit in the United States District Court Western District of Washington at Seattle on behalf of a nationwide class of consumers who have suffered scratched game disks while using their X-Box 360 Console. The lawsuit seeks: reimbursement for consumers for the cost of games damaged by the Console, reimbursement for consumers who have paid a $20 fee to Microsoft Corporation under a limited disk replacement program offered on ten Microsoft games, repair, free of charge, the Consoles to prevent disks from being scratched, and/or reimbursement for consumers who have paid for an aftermarket repair solution.

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MK_Red3917d ago

X-Box!? WCC is suing Microsoft and they don't even know how to spell the Xbox.

Lord Anubis3917d ago (Edited 3917d ago )

they spelled it correctly. X-box ||Xbox||X360


because the word is box and the prefix is X it is ok to spell it X-Box in the same way people spelled Play Station in the old days.

eLiNeS3917d ago

No they didn't, see picture.

zantetsuken3917d ago

It's about time. I'm on #3 and just want a box that will not die. To hell with the 3 year warranty deal, it's just a band-aid on a gushing wound. I want a 360 that will last years.

cookiemonster3917d ago

I don't get this comment.

On one hand you're complaining about a 3 year warranty as if warranties don't improve consumer confidence. but then you demand reform when they're clearly putting in heatsinks, smaller chips, and extending warranties.

zantetsuken3917d ago (Edited 3917d ago )

I've been told they're "improving" and "fixing it" over and over again. Yet, I'm on my third unit. I'm still on my first PS One, PS2, PS3, and Wii. Hell, even my NES and SNES still work and they're ages old.

Once I can understand. These are electronics, things happen. But twice? Even an Elite which was supposed to be improved.

I want one that will work, not crap out on me within three years. Sorry, band-aid warranty isn't cutting it for me. Actions speak louder than words and MS has done nothing to make me happy with these situations.

candystop3917d ago

I see where he's coming from and yes there taking steps to correct the issues but what I want myself is for MS to come out and say that they have fixed the problem! The 3 year is great but I just want to know the problems were resolved or will be soon! 360 is really a great console that is years ahead of PS3 minus bluray with this one issue to be resolved to make it unstoppable!

Xwow3917d ago

then buy a ps3 and you will not regret it.

zantetsuken3917d ago

Already have one, 0 issues thus far. I hope it stays that way, and I trust Sony. No issues with the PS One or PS2, keeping my fingers crossed it stays that way with PS3.

eLiNeS3917d ago (Edited 3917d ago )

I don't believe you have or ever had a 360 based on your past comments. Why don't you go roam in your own PofS3 section, TROLL.

Stay on topic people, this lawsuit is not talking about the 3 year warranty, it's talking about the Xbox 360 Console scratching game disks while they are being played. This isn't even news, this is ridiculous. Only morons that move there console for who know what reason while it's running probable scratched there disc. This is absurd.

tehcellownu3917d ago (Edited 3917d ago )

@3.1- As of right now Microsoft isn't doing anything about the all 360s dying out on people..Just having a 3 year warranty is not enough and it ONLY cover the red lights of death... if you have any other issues you are on your own and get ready to open ya wallet to give more money out..ALL i heard about is the revision that we will be getting soon but still no action have been taken right now..Also it will not still make up the 11 million defective 360 out there..Microsoft already admited there was a designed flaw within the system.

A sytemn that cost up to 500 dollars sholdnt break that easily..its call gettting ripped off by microsoft since they sell you that piece of junk..

cookiemonster3917d ago

in response the comments,

in case you haven't been keeping up with the news, they've been putting in heatsinks and 65nm chips. your elite may not have them.

we all want a reliable product. but microsoft can't retroactively fix every console on shelves and livings rooms, without doing the biggest recall in history. even though the product hasn't hurt anyone.

so they've taken steps to revamp the product. not just the warranty. but the warranty is part of it to help cover some of those who have already bought it. remember they're putting heatsinks in the repaired ones too.

Rockstar3917d ago (Edited 3917d ago )

"Only morons that move there console for who know what reason while it's running probable scratched there disc"


I understand that the 360 instructions state that you shouldn't move the unit while it is in operation but I also understand that I can move my Wii while it's going and have zero scratching issues, likely my PS3 as well (not that I've tried).
I also recognize that the Wii and PS3 have different loading mechanisms but how about a PC?
I can move that while it's in operation and have no worries about ruining my discs.
Why? Because all of my drives have the pads to stop the lens from touching the disc.
Why? Because there was no need to cut corners to save money on manufacturing costs so M$ could save a buck.

I'm sure some of the 360 owners out there have moved their console while in operation causing damage to their games, but I'm also quite sure that more than a few others have never moved their console while in operation an still had damage to their games nonetheless.

So in closing, I'd say that at most, 360 owners that have moved their systems while in operation can't follow instructions [or have never bothered to read them (I know I wouldn't)] but they are far from morons.

Common sense would dictate that a disc drive wouldn't scratch a disc if it were manufactured properly. The blame rests solely on M$'s shoulders for being so cheap.

zantetsuken3917d ago

The only troll here is you.

Got anything else to say?

Didn't think so.

Rockstar3917d ago (Edited 3917d ago )

What's that on the bottom shelf?
I can't make it out.

EDIT: Final Fantasy VII?

xhi43917d ago

@zantetsuken you got owned haha, deppresing

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trueltie53917d ago

Looks like MS may want to set aside more than $1billion for repair costs...They're going to have a fun time explaining these lawsuits and repair costs to investors who have been weary about the xbox division. Enjoy your final xbox machine....Peter Moore you knew something we didn't....i seen this's funny cause Peter Moores new replacement is Don Mattrick who is a SOFTWARE guy...Sega got smart and stuck to software...MS is obviously not a hardware but a hardware co. Blu ray is obviously the next gen format choice...i'll be happy to debate with anyone on this...but im sure i'll get the typical denial xbox gamer...please don't get not trying to put down the xbox...I, like many investors feel xbox gaming in hardware is not going to can sense the life of the xbox all but done...Peter Moore departure, xbox failure rate, lawsuits, banking so much this holiday (which the xbox has hit its peak in sales), maybe not software (i.e halo, bioshock, gta4, etc)...however i hate to be bad news bear...i think MS do care about their gamers...but they also care about making $$$ and so do their investors.

candystop3917d ago

Well It's good to know that there are other investors on this site! Honestly though I do believe that there will be a 3rd Xbox and if not then thats just part of life!

Lacarious3917d ago

here's to another $500 million for scratched discs.... M$ needs to get their act together!

on my 6th.

Lacarious3917d ago

too disagree with that comment.... I take it you enjoy the consistent headaches M$ gives to the end users of the next gen world?

say it aint so kid...

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