PS3 Characters: Heavy Rain's Norman Jayden

In this article you'll find everything you wanted to know about the PS3 character Norman Jayden: his personality, relationships, drug addiction and even a complete description of all the trophies related to him!

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Favorite Character.

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That character was cool in that it showed what other types of games can be done with the same or similar engine, Sci-fi or cyberpunk. Maybe an occult type game like Gabriel Knight, a game similar to Full throttle, etc. All With different art styles. Want to see similar games but with different settings, gameplay, story and graphics.

Wonder about Devs creativity sometimes. Take GTA. How about a GTA type game but with zombies or a Shadowrun(SNES)/GTA hybrid. Instead of the same open world gangster sims we get. How about more racing games like Twisted Metal, Carmageddon or even better Route 76 instead of the same average racers. More variety please.