UK Retailers Push Back Warhawk Release Date

Several UK retailers have now pushed back the release date of the highly anticpated title Warhawk, fuelling speculation that the game will be delayed with some confirming the title has been removed from their computer list of upcoming games.

This comes after retailers in the US also pushed back their own release dates. The confusion however remains as some retailers' date differs to others.

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Meus Renaissance3879d ago

Do you people use any intelligence when approving the story? The first version you rejected because you called it fake. Now your rejecting this as a Duplicate - when i've provided more sources, and basically satisfied your requirements, now its a duplicate?

It's not a duplicate because the other FAILED APPROVAL.

There is no reason for this not to be approved.

mightydog013879d ago (Edited 3879d ago )

YOU CALL THIS NEWS : Well Ive been looking on sites and they say 28th august for usa september for uk release: NOW IF ALL THE SITES SAID NOVEMBER Then u can say it might be news : but saying it will be delayed cause a few site's say it. Means nothing, You are scare monger finding anything to have a go at ps3 just because you heard the news of lair being delayed. You thought! oH i can use this to as a poor excuse TO HAVE A GO AT PS3. I can look around and say the same about the 360 and post it but i wont sink as low as you!

Meus Renaissance3879d ago

You people should be banned from reporting news if this is how you manage it.

Completely embarrassing on your part. Only Bebo approved it after he rejected the first version.

toughNAME3879d ago

Sony is having a REALLY bad week

aaquib23879d ago

Sony is just dumb. Everyone on the blog basically said screw LAIR, now that its delayed, we'll buy Warhawk. Now they're delaying Warhawk!!! Im still not buying Lair just for this...Sony is really pissing me off now! First they charged me $750cdn for the console with crappy ports and 1 good game, then they drop the price, and we still have no games worth playing. November 30th??!?!?! If thats the date f*ck this game, Ill buy UT3, and HAZE.

Meus Renaissance3879d ago

To the Admin who approved this. There are some people here who do not understand the rules of the site, and unfortunately mis-use their abilities to approve/reject a valid story.

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The story is too old to be commented.