Skate gets a release date

EA announced today that its award winning video game, Skate, will ship to retail stores on September 12 in the U.S. and September 14 in Europe for the Xbox 360. The PS3 version will ship to stores on September 24 in the U.S. and October 5 in Europe. For players eager to get their hands on the game pre-launch, EA will release a SKATE demo on Xbox Live Marketplace on August 15 so players can experience first-hand the title's groundbreaking new gameplay style.

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Tommie3912d ago

Why are almost all multiplatform games released later on PS3? I don't get it. Its almost released two weeks later on PS3 in US and 3 weeks in EU. There missing sales big time. (This is not to start a flame war, its just odd)

supaet3912d ago

EA=friend of xbox now...

look at all the ea sports commercial, only one logo, 360
their demos only on 360
they make arcade games only for 360

Double-Edged3912d ago

I'd rather play this than tony.
Tony was good...but I just need something more realistic.

to tommie: 3rd place gets what 3rd place deserves

calidredz3911d ago (Edited 3911d ago )

The logical explanation would be some fine tuning on the software side. I agree with what the analyst said about GTAIV, it may be held due to the PS3. If almost every game launches later on the PS3 it can't be coincidence. Also I own both systems and hope they both do well, but the writing is on the wall. How can u deny it? My reasoning is that in EA's history they have always released games on the same date across consoles. They are a friggin sweatshop people we all know this, so if historically it's been this way, why this generation is it changing?