Xbox 360 Slim: It Only Does….Everything?

It only does everything. Sure, it’s the PS3’s slogan of course, talking up how said system is ubiquitous in all its ways. However, we decided to take a look at Microsoft’s latest Xbox 360 Slim, debuted at E3 2010, and its capabilities. When we peeped hard and close we quickly realized that there was more than meets the eye; because apart from playing Blu-ray, there’s nothing much the PS3 can do that the Xbox 360 can’t. Seriously.

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Shadow Flare3073d ago

It lacks the cell processor and bluray, which means it will never get a game like gran turismo 5 on it. Those 2 components are a fairly big deal as they ensure the ps3 will live for a very long time.

Because with those 2 components, GT5 can have 1000 cars at 1080p, 60fps, 16 cars on track, all in photo realistic graphics. And thats just some of the games features.

Call me when 360 can do a similar game. Thats why 360 cannot say, 'it only does everything'

The Meerkat3073d ago

Can a PS3 do Cross game chat, custom soundtracks in all games and Halo Reach with 4 player co-op, video replays and level editor.


They both only do most things.

Optical_Matrix3073d ago

Lol of course PS3 can do 4 player co-op with video replays and level editor, just no ones made a game that allows you to do that. HOWEVER, I can spin this and say can 360 do games that match the technical prowess of God of War III, Gt5, Uncharted 2 and Killzone 2/3...answer And not just because no ones bothered make games on that level for the machine.

mrv3213073d ago

Can the 360 even do cross game chat in all games? Last I check MW2 some gametypes don't allow so does that mean the 360 can't do cross game chat?

Resistance 2 had 8 player co-op
Uncharted 2 HAD Video replays.
LBP 2 has the best level editor I've ever seen.

jacobdevos3073d ago

In the sense that all anyone will do on this forum is put lists of things one of the consoles has done that the other hasn't..


I disagree when you say something really stupid like 'halo reach with 4player co-op'

.. man you took an exclusive game and said a feature it has.. get real.. xbox can't do *littlebigplanet* with 4 player coop can it? but they both CAN do 4p coop.

aside from that not only can ps3 do video replays.. it can upload them to youtube for you.. after you edit them with its video editor... take a look at any of the pixeljunk games they have this ability.

cross game chat's a big one to list. I question why everyone wants that but an exterior communication system would be nice. I like that the xbox has that.

IdleLeeSiuLung3073d ago

LOL... inverse logic for the fanboys.

PS3 can support this, even though nobody made it yet. Xbox 360 can't do this, because nobody made it yet!

The Meerkat3073d ago

Name a PS3 game that can do as much as Halo Reach.
One game.
Not 2 or 3 different games that each do one part.

FragGen3073d ago

You're saying that almost as if you believe an irrelevant feature like cross game chat (which is a software/network feature that can be modified/added and is not an inherent limitation of the system) or some specific game features (which are again, modifiable and present at developer discretion not a SYSTEM level thing (and are also already on BOTH systems)) is as important as a fundamental hardware limitation like CPU power (cell) or storage capacity (Blu-ray, upgradeable hdd, etc).

This to me, says you have a fundamental misunderstanding of how to evaluate hardware software systems so your input is pretty questionable on this topic.

LeonSKennedy4Life3073d ago


Little Big Planet has 4-player co-op, a much more intricate level editor, gives you jetpacks/swords/guns/etc., and is narrated by Stephen Fry. Halo is not narrated by Stephen Fry.

Come to think of it...LBP2 has more features than Halo: Reach also...and neither of them is out.

Also...Haze had 4-player co-op. I thought you should all know. It was added into Halo 3 because Haze scared Bungie before release.

IdleLeeSiuLung3072d ago (Edited 3072d ago )

Actually, I beg to differ. If anything, software design in itself may have limitations that prevent a certain feature from being implemented efficiently within the constraint the designer setup. An example of this is the friends list limitation set by the original Xbox Live.

So even though the hardware is capable, a design that doesn't account for those features will prevent it from happening. Same with hardware, if you optimize efficiently you can draw out a lot of power to the point where a processing unit is half (or less) the speed of another can catch up. The question is how much resources do you want to put into pulling this power out.

That is why I favor faster console cycle, because inefficient design also benefits from raw processing power reducing personnel workload. We are coming to the point that for the vast majority, computing power is far cheaper than creating very efficient software unless you are the kind of business that can spread that savings repeatedly i.e. servers for Google or something.

HoustonTexaz7133072d ago

Oh Ps3 Can Do Dat if It Wanted Even better lol

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Queasy3073d ago

Disagree because it's not necessarily the cell processor and blu-ray that allows those things. It's Digital Polyphony, one of the best game developers ever. They are able to squeeze more and go further with a system for their particular genre than anybody else regardless of what system it is on.

Imalwaysright3073d ago

Bubbles. Fanboys on N4g tend to forget that if they are playing good games is because of the developers. 360, PS3 and PC are nothing but hardware and no matter how much powerful the hardware is if the developers didnt put effort into making good games we wouldnt get them. For example everyone that i know likes RE4 more than RE5 and yet RE5 was made in far more superior hardware than RE4.

Shadow Flare3072d ago

Aside from the other features i mentioned, you would not be able to fit 1000 cars on 1 dvd disc, unless each car had ps2 graphics. And to stretch that to 60fps and 1080p is incredible.

There's having good developers, and then there's having hardware limitations. There are just some things that can be done on ps3 and not 360

ShadowCK3072d ago (Edited 3072d ago )

Metal Gear Solid Rising looks better than Metal Gear Solid 4 and is coming to the Xbox 360. Forza Motorsport 3 and Gears of war 3 are coming out and they both give PS3 exclusives a stiff competition. People seem to forget that Blu-ray is slow as crap and does not provide much for games. It merely serves for memory. The Xbox 360 and the PS3 both have their cons and pros.

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Optical_Matrix3073d ago

It doesn't do Blu-Ray,nor does it have HDMI 1.3 required for true 1080p (instead of 1080p upscaled)...the list goes on. What a lame ass article.

DigitalHorror813072d ago

How about 1080p from a 1st party? Why a SEGA title? And why Tennis? Why not a Ratchet & Clank or Uncharted or God Of War III styled game? No offense to sports players, but come on.

madjedi3072d ago (Edited 3072d ago )

@soxfan You forgot marvel ultimate alliance 1, unfortunately somewhere between 2007 to the end of 2008, most games stopped saying the native resolutions and listed all the hd resolutions.

So a list from either console boasting it has the most 1080p games is sad at best, considering there are maybe 10 games between that are true 1080p if that many.

@digital wipeout hd was 1080p at 60 fps, a rachet and clank game in 1080p are you serious, obviously you haven't played the games arenas much. Chaotic/crazy video effects and alot of enemies on screen at one time is putting it mildly.

Maybe because sports games are alot simpler and do not have the same amount of environment interaction(destructable objects), fps requirements, number of enemies, objects to render ect, bandwidth required for inengine cutscenes ect.

People expecting bleeding edge visuals and incredible physics at 1080p on these console games, need to be thrown into a cold shower to be woke up.

Both the ps3 and 360 are essentially using modified 4-6 yr old pc hardware, the slim/S use the same basic hardware cpu/gpu as the launch consoles, only a more energy efficient version.

Probably the biggest reason, most games aren't 1080p is lack of enough video memory, they can only program games that can run on the available memory that is on the retail version of the consoles.

edhe3073d ago

Wow you're an idiot if you think you need hdmi 1.3 for 1080p signals.

Hell you can do it on component.

NB for anyone that touts blu-ray as a major feature - have you seen the zune instant on? It's mighty impressive.

Having said that though i'd play blu-rays by choice as the 360 doesn't do 24Hz - if they fix that i'd be happy.

Still - the ability to switch the 360 on to watch sky films or zune films instantly, the latter in 1080p even on a 5mb connection, is a huge feature.

mac_sparrow3073d ago

while instant on is impressive and the resolution is there the colour subsampling is not at the same level of quality. You really can notice these things on a projector.

Elven63073d ago

True 1080p is possible on all versions of HDMI, it was kind of the big selling point for it back in the day since Component has restrictions on 1080p,

Both the PS3 and 360 have their share of true 1080p games as well.

MorganX3072d ago

I disagree with you too, even though I know you're right.

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