Rumor: Nintendo 3DS playable at GamesCom 2010?

Right after the E3 and just starting before the Tokyo Games show is the largest video gaming event in Europe. In Cologne, Germany tons of public gaming are able to attend the video games show, play the recent games and upcoming titles.

During an press event at the Nintendo Headquarters in Frankfurt it was stated that Nintendo wants to provide the opportunity to try out the Nintendo 3DS to as many people as possible, since that is the only way someone can experience the system as it is.

It would be the first time that hardware that was presented at E3 would be offered to the mass public short after at the games show in Germany.

GamesCom is open through August 18 - 22, 2010 and is not only open for press but also for public.

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Miroque2899d ago

If you could play the 3DS on GamesCom would you travel to Germany to try it out? And from where would you be traveling? Everybody can attend GamesCom and it is open not only for press but for public.

Sorano2899d ago

I am form France, but if they show the Nintendo 3DS I would even plan to travel to Germany for that! That would be pure awesome.

AAACE52898d ago

I am getting more and more excited about the 3DS! I even think we could see some games that people have been wanting for a long time such as an updated Final Fantasy VII! I would personally hope for a FFX for 3DS. Now that it will have the extra power, it could be a possibility!

zireno2899d ago

If I could I would go to Germany or wherever it might be playable but I'm not rich :( so I'm going to have to wait till it releases :(. oh yeah, I would be flying from Mexico :)

portablegaming2899d ago

Well it is a fact, that Nitnendo can't really do good marketing for the Nintendo 3DS without showing it to the public. So sure if I was in Nintendo's place I would surly demonstrate the Nintendo 3DS to public. And they would need to increases their security measures, because during the last Games Conventions and the last Games Com they had some consoles stolen. I am sure that tons of gamers would love to "take" a Nintendo 3DS from the show.

Schneestern2899d ago

hehe, I'm most likely attending the gc, so I really really reaaaally hope for it! : D

franktheprankreturns2899d ago

I would even travel from Spain to Germany to see that device. Does Germany have good weather in August?

portablegaming2899d ago

If it stays like this all summer expect sunshine, sunshine and more sunshine. 30°C or mid 80ies to 90ies F was the June weather like.

Zyrando2899d ago

3DS cant believe it for every german person?

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The story is too old to be commented.