Rumor Mill: Bioshock Coming to year ?

In a recent interview conducted by Gamepro, Ken Levine, one of the developers working on the game. Gamepro asked him if the game would ever be seen on the PS3, he did not confirm nor did he deny the possibility of the game on the PS3. However, he replied that "right now" are focused on the Xbox 360 version.

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Snake_Doctor3978d ago

Would be good to see it happen but I may just upgrade the PC for it.

ktchong3978d ago

That's a wild speculation based on a tiny bit of information. Levine mentioned "right now" in the most casual manner. It seems to me there's nothing to it.

LEVINE: "Right now we’re totally focused on making the game for Xbox 360. Microsoft has been a great partner, we love the platform, and we get to make a PC game as well. That’s great because we come from the PC side, but right now we’re focused on getting the game out the door on the platform that we’re on and that we love... blah... blah... blah..."

Snake_Doctor3978d ago

I mean I somewhat agree with you on that, It always seems to be something when a dev won't say "NO - absolutely not coming to PS3" but yeah all speculation till anything is announced.

But yeah like i said I will probably upgrade my PC, on second though my PC doesn't need an upgrade it needs a replacement. lol

sonarus3978d ago

I believe its a 50-50 chance. I believe splinter cell conviction will be on the ps3 as well as bioshock. Might be lousy ports or whatever but i believe msoft just paid for temporary exclusivity. I have been hearing this bioshock rumor for quite a while plus since its 2k games thats publishing i doubt it will be exclusive since publishers like 2k seek to make as much money as they can on this investment. This is the same reason i believe crytek will be on consoles next yr. This guy not giving a direct response dosent feul the rumor speculation IMO personally i don't think bioshock has enough hype to be a system seller for anyone. Not saying it won't be a good game but just not enough hype.

What i find funny is some people will deny this as a possibility because he didnt clearly say it was coming he jst kinda doged the question meanwhile for MGS4 when kojima said no numerous times he was lying. LOL. Regardless bioshock looks like it will be a great game i will wait and see if i hear about a ps3 port if not i shall buy it for my 360 even though i knw ps3 port will probably be lamer lol

Mu5afir3978d ago

No where on the cover art does it say the magical words "Only on Xbox."

FadeToBlack3978d ago

It is also on windows PC platform. Even if it does also come out for the PS3, why does anyone really care, it just means more people will be able to play what seems to be a great game.

tehcellownu3978d ago

The rumors was everywhere last year that bioshock is comin to the was stated to be on the PS3 from the start and all the sudden they said it not comin ..eventually bioshock will come to the ps3....

Jeremy Gerard3977d ago

come to PS3, all gamers deserve to play this game, it seems like a great game from what I've seen and read.

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SuperSaiyan43978d ago

Bioshock isnt being published by MGS so its a good chance it might.

Same went for Oblivion everyone said 360 and PC only and what happened? It came to the PS3 as well.

But on the other hand 2K games were having some financial problems and relocated as well...If they make enough money from the 360 and PC sales it all depends if its affordable for them to make a port.

TheMART3978d ago

Maybe with Oblivion it was only for PC/360 announced because...

The PS3 wasn't out in march 2006???

Developer just found it wise to have it that way, sort of timed exclusive always sells better, although the real fact was the PS3 hardware was delayed from march 2006 to november 2006 for USA/Jap and even to march 2007 for Eu.

TriggerHappy3978d ago

could very well happen, a contract forbids you from revealing anything about the competitor system.

ktchong3978d ago (Edited 3978d ago )

Given that piece of information, I say Microsoft has some sort of financial stake in the game. Take-Two did not even localize GTA4 for Japan, so it would not have financed the localization of Bioshock for the Japanese market. It's Microsoft that has been hopelessly pursuing the Japanese market and keeps throwing money away to promote 360 in Japan.

Microsoft most likely has an exclusivity agreement for Bioshock. Here's why: I don't think Microsoft would have paid for Bioshock's localization unless they were absolutely certain Sony would not get a free ride out of the localization in the future. If Bioshock is ever ported to PS3 and sells in Japan for PS3, then Sony will get a free ride of the localization that Microsoft paid for. It's hard to imagine Microsoft did not secure a contract to make sure that won't happen when they paid the money for the localization.

RadientFlux3978d ago

Interesting I don't think Bioshock will sell any systems in Japan, but Japanese gamers that like western games will be pleased.

THE_JUDGE3978d ago

I disagree with you for the simple fact that if Microsoft needs all the help in Japan that it can get, thats why they did it. Wether its a timed exclusive or and exclusive they need to keep throwing games at Japan and hope one of them hits. If localization helps one of their games stick, then so be it, but thats no idication that it couldn't come to PS3.

MACHone3978d ago

Rumors, rumors, RUMORS! Stop pulling on my heartstrings, N4G! I'd be THRILLED if Bioshock ever showed up on the PS3!


that is a big change from thire last comment which was along the lines of , no way.

there is no reason why it could not though, i can imagine the scandel with the fan boys.