Deadpool's Level 3 Super From Marvel vs. Capcom 3

Original Gamer: "You've heard the rumors, but we finally have video of Deadpool's Level 3 Super from Marvel vs. Capcom 3. Words do not do this video justice. You must watch for yourself."

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BlackBusterCritic2749d ago

The best part about it, is that it makes me forget how Hollywood RAPED his character in X-Men Origins.

DW2749d ago

... that's what's up .. only deadpool would beat another character with a life bar .. it defies all logic. God I love this guy.

Blacktric2749d ago

What does this have to do with "breaking the 4th wall"? Is it because Deadpool gave audience the gayest pose ever? Is that why?

harlem_v12749d ago

Sir that word does not do this video justice. There maybe no word that does.

gano2749d ago

what the hell did he do.

Kiffy852749d ago

He grab the life bar at the top of the screen and attacked his enemy with it. Fantastic really want the game now

gano2749d ago

did he?
the quality bogus so i couidn't tell, but thats pretty cool if he did.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi2749d ago

Really? I know who I'm gonna use as MY main.

KwietStorm2749d ago

There's no "if." That's definitely what the move is. I know the vid above is bad quality, but Capcom spoke about it weeks ago.

GodGinrai2749d ago

When i saw that i lmao! I love you capcom! now make me a new darkstalkers game!

Spenok2749d ago

Thats ridiculous. Lol, crazy.

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The story is too old to be commented.