Mass Effect Nominated For Best Of E3 Award

After a great showing at E3, Microsoft Games Studios are proud to announce that "Mass Effect," available this November from Microsoft Game Studios and BioWare Corp, has earned Best of E3 2007 nominations from the Game Critics Awards in the Best in Show, Best Console, and Best RPG title categories.

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Captain Tuttle3921d ago

Probably Best of E3. Either Mass Effect or COD4.

the_round_peg3921d ago

It'll come down to these two games by the end of the year.

johnnywit3921d ago

I think no one is really shocked by mass effect wining any E3 awards. You could just look at the video and see how good it is and it's being made by bioware. If bioware said they were going to make a game and didn't even show anything at E3, I would still give them best in show. Have they really ever made a game and it not deliver.

SuperSaiyan43921d ago

2 Totally different games.

Bioshock comes out August, Mass Effect in November, and Mass Effect is a LOT longer and bigger than Bioshock.

Daxx3921d ago

That doesn't mean that they can't win the Best of E3 award or GOTY in that matter.

BLACKJACK VII3921d ago (Edited 3921d ago )

After E3 a Sony fanboy (the GENERAL) said that Mass Effect was "trash" & that the graphics were "garbage". How redeeming to see Mass Effect nominated for THREE Best of E3 awards. This is the my most anticipated game of 2007 by far. Can't wait for November !

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