MMOHut: MMORPG Combat Systems

MMOHut, "Click target, mash skill hotkeys, dance on corpse of said target, and repeat. This is generally the accepted way MMOs have setup their combat. Sure there are some games here and there that have incorporated some sort of combo systems, like say, Cabal online, but at the end of the day, you’re still doing the same things..."

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Darkfiber2799d ago

Good article. I agree that the current MMO combat standard technically isn't broken, but it also isn't a whole lot of fun either. I think lately that just because WoW did it, every game is STILL doing it because they want to look as accessible (see: boring) as WoW. Sure, things like collision detection and faster paced combat help but no game has actually done a full action game combat based MMO yet. I'm looking forward to the next few years after TERA comes out, as they've done away with boring MMO combat (and it looks phenomenal to boot) which I think will get a lot of people excited about MMOs again. Warhammer 40k Online also seems to have an aiming reticule for real time combat as opposed to lock on, mash skill button based combat, which is good. I think things are changing for the better, and people stop trying to be WoW.