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The PS3 only does everything, except good 3D

Gamer Limit writes: "A lot of people are skeptical about the future of 3D gaming on consoles, but until recently, I was not one of them. Actually, one of the highlights of E3 I was most looking forward to was finally getting my hands on some of the 3D games Sony announced for the PS3, like Killzone 3 and Wipeout HD.

Maybe I shouldn’t have had such high hopes though, because if there’s one thing life has taught me, it’s that few things ever live up to the hype. Now that I’ve played multiple PS3 games in 3D, I’m here to explain why the console isn’t quite ready to jump into the third dimension just yet." (PS3)

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Yuenanimous   1977d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(22)
FishCake9T4  +   1977d ago
Good quality article but come on, 3D is just starting out, give it a chance.
Shaman  +   1977d ago
3D like KZ3s wont really work that well on this gens consoles,its a fact.Its simply needs more horsepower than those consoles have.Have you seen comparison between KZ3 2d and 3d?Its night and day...full of jaggies and its very low resolution.We will have to wait and see Cryteks solution,performance hit is only 1.5% and its 720p,its more pleasing on eye(as alot who saw it said) and it got alot of awards from E3 for its 3D.
DigitalAnalog  +   1977d ago
Wow, you can really judge a game from a pre-alpha build..
I'm sorry to burst your bubble but the developer himself stated that it won't compromise the visuals.


You will worship anything that is Crytek knowing they can work with nearly limitless capacity on the PC and yet you will fail to give credit to 1st party studios simply because they are from Sony.

I really hope you remember the days of GOWIII's demo back when it was severely attacked by underwhelming graphics by many news sources.

-End statement
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Rock Bottom  +   1977d ago
So at the start of your comment you say 3D wont work with this gen's console and how they need more horsepower, then you go on to talk about how Crysis 2 got 3D right?

I like it when people make themselves look like idiots. :)
raztad  +   1977d ago
I LOL @ people thinking Crytek with its cheap trick will do better 3D than Sony and their team that are experts in 3D tech.

GT5 is 3D ready since almost 2 years ago. Game runs flawless at 60 fps 720prs in 3D. The way they do sounds awfully similar to Crytek recently discovered "magic" trick which render the 3D image inside the screen.


I dont doubt KZ3 will be 720p 30fps vsynced in real 3D. Guerrilla will prove the doubters wrong again.

I cant shake the feeling 3D on xbox vs 3D on PS3 will prove to be like upscaled dvd vs BD.
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HSx9  +   1977d ago
I like how the author includes a 3D movie which absolutely sucked as his Article Picture, just to subliminally make you agree with his biased opinion.
The truth is, 3D for gaming is in it's first generation, like a beta... You're telling me that's been out enough years to be developed at great standards? Besides I'm sure for most games it will just be an option to enable 3D or however that works out. Like FishCake said, give it a chance.
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RedDevils  +   1977d ago
have just show us the proof that there is still lots of dumbass within this world we live in :D
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zeeshan  +   1976d ago
And when you can't find any. Shaman stands up and says "HERE I AM!"
Lich120  +   1976d ago
The fact of the matter is, to produce 3d visuals you have to render the scene twice for every one frame we actually see. Because of this, its common sense that games which are presently taking full advantage of the platform they are on are going to have to take a hit in visuals to account for the double frame rendering.
morganfell  +   1977d ago
You can't give it a chance, not when the console you support has slagged off on 3D. It's like Bluray, same fight all over again.
Legosz  +   1977d ago
Wrong. 3D will never work unless someone actually has a big 80'' projection screen, that is when you can take full advantage of 3d technology. Have you ever played a 3d game on a 42'' TV? No you have not, and I have. I can tell you 3D will never work on todays small televisions.
Godmars290  +   1977d ago
Since when was a 42" set considered "small?"

Would also like to know what contest you used 3D, since what's being talked about by Sony is something new.
Qui-Gon Jim  +   1977d ago
Size of the TV
The size of the TV/screen only matters in relation to how far away you sit. THX standards are that the distance between you and the screen should be 1.5 to 2 times the diagonal screen size (eg. my 40" is the recommended size since my couch is about 5 feet away from it). A 46" screen can seem small if you sit 10 ft away, and a 32" screen can seem huge if you're 2 ft away from it.

There is some personal preference involved, but if you're watching things on a 80" screen and you're less than 10 feet away from it, then you have to move your eyes or head around to see everything.

Long story short: you don't need a huge screen to enjoy 3D.
snp  +   1977d ago
Actually, Legosz i own a 50" Samsung Plasma 3dtv.

Watch it from about 3 meters away (intend on setting up lounge to watch from ~4.5/5 meters, but have to wait on getting rid of a piece of furniture).

Size isn't a problem; the effect comes through fine.

The article has some valid points - the darkness when glasses are on takes some getting used to and is a negative of the tech - but other areas it's just over the top. The Hud on Wipeout for example, doesn't bother me in the slightest and he's being histrionic there. Yes if you stare at it, it doesn't seem usefully placed, but if you are playing the game watching your track and vehicle (which is the way i play) it's much of a whatever.

The biggest problem with 3dtv, actually having a few hours experience of it now, is in ghosting/cross talk. But even this seems as much software as hardware. Wipeout will go for large chunks of having none, and then some will pop up right at the end (or the vehicles won't synch up properly right at the start, but then will be fine for the rest of the race etc.). The areas of cross-talk don't seem to occur in areas any more complex than those without it. Super Stardust is probably the prettiest 3d (although 3rd person Wipeout is most effective). It has virtually no cross-talk, and is a really pretty sort of stencil syle 3d.

Sometimes you'll get cross-talk on really simple movies (trailers), but then quite comparatively complex trailers (eg. a german 3d trailer for Avatar) and it works flawlessly, and there is none. So again, i'm wondering if that's a limitation of software/implementation at least some of the time.

But that is imo the biggest problem. For the most part this article is merely subjective nitpicking - which he is, of course entitle to do, but something that can be done with every piece of technology, and every aspect of every game for that matter.
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jmmurillo86  +   1977d ago
Good quality article?
Shameful biased ignorant hick author I would say (no offense).
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ji3200  +   1977d ago
HSx9  +   1977d ago
hurrrr v2
This guy should try out to do 3D Animation since he can provide faster feedback than a camel on rollerskates.
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sid4gamerfreak  +   1977d ago
"The PS3 only does everything...except full hd on most of its games
Toman85  +   1976d ago
But the exclusive to PS3 is better looking than the titles on MS side by a big rockslide ;)
Stryfeno2   1977d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(1)
Karooo  +   1977d ago
1080p 3D enough said.
Shaman   1977d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(7)
cliffbo  +   1977d ago
i heard the dev say 3d in 1080p myself so it is confirmed.
evrfighter  +   1976d ago

I was gaming at 1280x1024 before the ps3 even dropped lol

1920x1080 is what's commonly referred to as 1080p. Which GT5 does not play at.

Though still 1280x1024 I would consider HD on a non widescreen monitor. So it's bound to look better than your common 540p/720p console game.
123360  +   1977d ago
hand held 3ds versus 60" 3d lcd thats whats happening a lot from all sites but mostly these one man band reveiwers,bottom line can,t afford it so knock it,it happened with bluray and even the ps3 as a console,now the price has come down every one wants it.3ds is of zero interest to me, why even mention it a 3" f@ckin screen and cookin mama crap
Seferoth75   1977d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(3)
DaTruth  +   1977d ago
123360 has a good point!
Apparently 1080p Bluray looks not much better than standard definition; or that's what they'd have us believe back in 2007. We all know that's not true now so we can assume many fanboy bloggers will say the same about 3D!

Edit @ a lot of you: Damn, you people argue too much! I can't believe some of you have kept this up since 2006!

You guys are ridiculous!
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Omega4   1977d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(7)
SilverDragon1979  +   1977d ago
Hopefully the quality of 3D games on the PS3 can get better with time as developers learn how to utilize it properly to enrich the gameplay experience. It's disappointing to know it doesn't impress in its present state though.
raztad  +   1977d ago
My friend dont pay much attention to this article, better watch the reaction of someone playing KZ3 3D

arakouftaian  +   1977d ago
that was my reaction but i keep it insede me
killzone 3 in 3d is mindblowing amazing
sorry if i made you fell jealous but i hope you
guy play it sometime soon or test it, its sweet
raztad  +   1977d ago

Dont worry bro. I'm very glad a fellow gamer got to enjoy KZ3D. I'm moving very soon, selling my TV in the process and getting a 3DTV set.

I already bought SSHD 3D. I heard it looks amazing as well.
sikbeta  +   1977d ago
lol J.F. Was Totally Amazed by the KZ3D Gameplay Demo and raz is Right, no-1 should take this article serious, 3D is Amazing and it0s Here to Stay...
enkeixpress  +   1977d ago
PS3 doesn't need 3D imo .. It already does everything & that's good enough for me. :)
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iliimaster  +   1977d ago
hater fanboys in here holding onto their xboxes likes its their company going down slowly but surely
DelbertGrady  +   1977d ago
Yuenanimous gets reported trolling for writing "Good article... I'm still not convinced that 3d is the next new thing", but your comment is ok?

NICE WORK MODS! Another classic :)
zeeshan  +   1976d ago
@Soda: The fact that are you STILL not banned for continuously trolling PS3 articles and leaving flamebait comments shows that Mods are not doing their job! Yes nice work mods!
Voiceofsoi  +   1977d ago
A lot of people haven't tried this new stereoscopic 3D lark and yet they already have opinions about it. I've tried it. It's very good. I haven't seen games, but I've seen game trailers and CG movies and it's epic, So I basically have the opposite opinion to this journalist. Sure, it will give you a headache after about an hour or two, but the same could be said of Marvel vs Capcom, and it's early days yet.

It's the next standard. End of story. Sony produces Tvs, they own SCE and Columbia Pictures, they've got Samsung, Panasonic, and IBM as resources and Nintendo's glasses-free 3D technology only works with a custom screen - and I don't see Nintendo making their own line of Tvs anytime soon. Sony is in control of what comes next, just like they were with Blu-Ray. 3D is the next thing.
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Seferoth75  +   1977d ago
The tech Nintendo is using is not something they created. IN fact TVs were shown using it at CES last year.

It is amusing to see people completely clueless about it telling everyone how it works.
Did you even read what you wrote? Sony is better cause they have IBM just like Nintendo and MS do? Oh and they have Samsung so that some how makes their version of 3D legit?

LOL also you must not know anything of Sonys history in making media formats. They failed with Beta, They had to cave and agree to use the DVD standard when they were going to make their own. They failed with UMDs. Okay they got BLuray through by taking advantage of their naive fan base but so far they are 1 for 4. Hardly a stellar track record.

To me it is a clear sign when they ONLY people backing Sony on this seem to be completely clueless.
ER-AM  +   1977d ago
Seferoth, where do you come up with this shit?
You're right. Glasses free 3D was shown at CES. Funny how you don't mention the big fucking problem with them: The narrow viewing angle that essentially makes the TV a single user device unless you line everyone up in front of the TV.

And Beta failed? Not really if you know anything or do research. Betamax failed in home markets, but became betacam and dominated professional applications in the 80s and 90s.

Everyone would have been screwed if they had not come to an agreement because IBM did not want to get involved in another format war. The resulting disc, DVD, took specs from both formats. Also, Sony "being forced to back another format, has made them a shitload of money. Yeah, that was a bad decision.

UMDs were never meant to replace anything, just an atempt to make more money.

Your bluray comments make no sense at all. I really have no idea of how to respond to that level of stupidity.
Arksine  +   1977d ago
Care to provide sources for this comment?
"They had to cave and agree to use the DVD standard when they were going to make their own."

Sony had a large hand in creating the DVD standard, as they were one of the founding members of the DVD Forum. You just pulled that BS out of left field in an attempt to back your fanboy nonsense.

UMD was never designed to be a standard outside of the PSP, so I don't see where that is applicable in this argument. Its like saying DS carts failed because they aren't used in any devices outside of the DS.

Also, while autostereoscopic technology has been shown on large televisions, the consensus is that it is not even close to being viable at retail. The effect is far less dramatic than 3d with shutter glasses, and the viewing angle must be dead on for the effect to work at all. These restrictions aren't a huge issue for handhelds, which is why you are seeing them used on the 3DS and cell phones. But I doubt Parallelax-Barrier or Lenticular 3d tech will ever be viable on large screens because the limitations are inherent in the technology. I am confident new autostereoscopic technologies will arise and overcome these issues, but we years away from that.

I can't comprehend why you seem so upset with Sony pushing technology forward. Perhaps you don't mind gobbling up recycled 10 year old technology such as the Wii. Its just good to see Nintendo is finally trying to push something forward with the 3DS.

The only one who seems to be clueless here is yourself.
MysticStrummer  +   1977d ago
First... figure out how to spell your own name. Second... try to mix in some facts during your opinion filled rants. Beta was the better format in every way but cost, so as explained by ER-AM it didn't catch on with home consumers but became the pro standard. Some failure. Glasses free 3D TVs are nowhere close to being reality. Make sweet love to your 3DS all you want but that tech is not applicable to TVs used by more than one person at a time. UMDs failed but as ER-AM said they weren't meant to replace anything. I'd say the DVD thing is offset by the fact that Blu-ray is replacing them. I know my comments don't matter, since you labeled me as a "casual" because I don't want to play Mario, Donkey Kong, and Kid freakin Icarus, but try to remember as you rant against fanboys that you are a big one.
beardpapa  +   1977d ago
A lot of Sony's media formats that seem like they 'failed' are really a misconception. Granted they probably 'failed' as a consumer product-of-choice, but they mostly ended up in professional industry instead.

If you got friends in their 40s or 50s that worked in the media recording industry, you'd learn that beta was used as the medium of choice in video recording production and minidisc was the format used by many indie and professional music artists. Minidisc (which offered recording flexibility at near-CD level quality audio) was also a very popular format for consumers in Japan. MD was never really accepted here in the US because we had cassettes, and by the time they did arrive, CDs (which Sony had a hand in) were making their way into homes and cars.

Sony did come out with Hi-MD late in its life when mp3s/ipods were becoming the next thing. Though Hi-MD also 'failed' as a consumer-choice device, many field journalists and music producers enjoy using Hi-MD recording devices for work-related audio recordings. Like having studio-grade recording equipment in a pocket. I still believe Sony took the Hi-MD technology and turned it into UMD to use on the PSP [so that their R&D wouldn't have gone to waste].
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maddhatter123  +   1977d ago
i'll take the word of many big game sites over this one little site and they say it looks incredible saying it is a game changer and even comparing it to avatar. 3D is the future all you haters(360 fanboys the only group not really getting much 3D) can continue living in the past you're just going to have even less impressive games then you do now when it becomes the standard because you will be playing catch up.
Keltik82  +   1977d ago
Nobody wanted to give PS3 a chance
But with time look what happened.
Becko  +   1977d ago
3D is not even available yet and people is starting to say isn't good... wait for it and check it for yourself,
Theonetheonly  +   1977d ago
3d is available. Just not for consoles yet.

same technology.

same glasses.

same refresh rate.

I can say It looks good.

Ive never done it on low resolutions tho.

Nothing under 1920x1200.

Guess it depends on opinion.
PS360PCROCKS  +   1977d ago
That was actually a very well written article and very informative. I have heard this before about the foreground and background being distracting. Look at Jimmy Kimmel he put on those glasses and was immediately confused and died. I think it's the future, they just have to figure what works and what doesn't.
miacosa  +   1977d ago
Maybe hard to tell
I have heard conflicting feedback with regards to 3D. Some say its the best thing ever others say it simply does not work for them. The best thing to do is test this out for yourself and than make a judgment call. Even the darling of E3 the 3DS has been getting the same kinda feedback from people. I think it comes down to if your eyes are defective in some way you'll not have a great experience with 3D regardless of tech.
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SonyNGP  +   1977d ago
After seeing Killzone 3 being a jaggied blurry mess in the press conference video, I'd rather have better quality 2D.
Focker420  +   1977d ago
Its a pre-alpha build!! They've still got 9 months of development left. Plus the 2D HD trailer from the press conference in the PS Store looked amazing. Even in pre-alpha.
rekof  +   1977d ago
Depends on the game,.. they have to make compromises in quality of certain assets in some games,..
I heard Motorstorm is f***** insane ,.. I used to have one of the first glasses that worked with nvidia chips,.. 3d is insane!
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weazel  +   1977d ago
Wow. It's like a no-life circle jerk with the amount of unsubstantiated anti-sony ramblings in the thread. Have some self respect dudes, and at least conclusively prove your opinions, rather than basing them on some hit-hungry illiterate website!!
Allowen  +   1977d ago
I am not quite sure how does it looks like to see 3D in one of those 3D TVs but no one can stand to watch two 3D movies in a row bc our eyes get extremely tired.

What I think is that atm 3D might be more for ocasional players like those that loves those gadgets (Kinect &wii remotes) over a controlpad or keyboard mouse .

I doubt that a real hardcore PS3 player will preffer to keep using those googles all night long while playing a multiplayer mode in a FPS for exemple.
Dorwrath  +   1977d ago
I have no desire for 3D. Your not gonna be able to play as long as you would without 3D and I have no desire to hurt my eyes over a period of time.

Let you guys be the guinea pigs first to see how long term 3d effects your eyes.
ForROME  +   1977d ago
Im not convinced that 3d or any of this motion stuff is any good.

The verdict is still out, when these things arent out and when they are I give them a yr if they dont do well, onto the next thing
lagoonalight  +   1977d ago
I'm not convinced nor do I care. I just bought a state of the art local dimmer for my PS3 and it is beyond beautiful. No need for 3D here. Heck, stop motion like Nightmare Before or Fantastic Fox already looks 3D. I sure as hell am not going to be wearing glasses for 5 hours straight. I agree with the article. This is all hype.
Focker420  +   1977d ago
This guy is a tool. "Its confusing where to look" Umm how about you look at your targets you freakin idiot.

"Motorstorm was too dark and we kept running into walls" Maybe you just suck. Motorstorm is a very difficult and unforgiving game. Has this guy even played the previous versions?!

Sounds more like a fanboy rant to me.
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Neko_Mega  +   1977d ago
3D isn't for every game, heck Avatar shown that not every movie can use it so good. Their only some titles on the PS3 that I see 3D being something fun to have.

Is it needed? No but it be nice to choose to play in 3D or not, the glasses are going to get cheaper. Just look at the cost for the LED Tv that does 3D, they are pretty cheap for something new.

60inch Sony Tv that can do 3D is being sell for only 2,700 dollars here where I live, so I would give it more time before saying much about it and judging it on price for the glasses.
LeonSKennedy4Life  +   1977d ago
Avatar proved that James Cameron is a wonderful engineer.

The cameras used for Avatar were designed specifically for 3D. The only other films using this technology are How to Train Your Dragon and The Last Airbender.

3D IS for every movie. It has only been done correctly on a few.

People are so ignorant.
Tomdc  +   1977d ago
YOU are so douchey.. can you not express your opinion without being a dick about it?
LeonSKennedy4Life  +   1977d ago

This guy is either blind or hates Sony.

I'm sorry, but these 3D games are amazing! Unless you've played them, you won't know.

Edit: SubZero - The 3DS is 3D from within a 20 degree angle. It's like an optical illusion. It's not real 3D. Read previews.

The PS3's 3D is phenomenal! Go try it somewhere! As soon as people put those glasses on and press start, they're blown away! Even Fallon was impressed...and he made it painfully obvious that he's never touched a PS3.
#25 (Edited 1977d ago ) | Agree(7) | Disagree(5) | Report | Reply
Subzero200x  +   1977d ago
The PS3 only does everything, except good 3D
and real games.

"I'm sorry, but these 3D games are amazing! Unless you've played them, you won't know."

Yeah tacked on 3d from the 1980's the 3ds does it out of the box.

'The tech Nintendo is using is not something they created. IN fact TVs were shown using it at CES last year."

boy you people are pretty stupid none of these companies create any of this technology it's always made by someone else they just license it.
#26 (Edited 1977d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(12) | Report | Reply
Adva  +   1977d ago
Says a childish fanboy.
Claudinho69  +   1977d ago
funny thats the opposite of reaction that jimmy felon had...i think i'll go with jimmy felon instead of this guy?
Consoldtobots  +   1977d ago
IT'S FALLON, although Jimmy Felon would be pretty funny.
MrWonderful  +   1977d ago
To me it seems un fair to compare the two whn the 3DS was designed for #d feature right out of the box. Most everyone that is playing on a console has a tv that wasnt designed with 3D being the main feature. The article was a good read, but reports say that the 3DS makes your eyes tired after a short while. So if the glasses make it easier on my eyes than im all for it.
PSjesus  +   1977d ago
SONY should keep their tecnology
Exclusive for Japan,Cos no body else deserve it....
Like what Sharp and Hitachi did for their glasses free 3D mobile screen until Nintendo adopted it for 3DS.
And for Haters you already prefer a cheap console,3000$ TV is out of your League.
hoops  +   1977d ago
Keep what technology? What Technology should Sony keep to themselves PSJesus?
ZombieNinjaPanda  +   1977d ago
I'm still confused as to how the 3DS makes 3D that much better. From what I've seen, (Kid Icarus is what I've seen) It just gives that effect where you can rotate around the player 3D, like we saw with that 3D screenshot of Halo Reach before. So i'm not sure what's the hype with the 3DS, if anyone may enlighten me.
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