Edge Interview: Peter Molyneux

Edge: With Milo And Kate absent from Kinect's showing at Microsoft's E3 press briefing and a relatively conservative selection of games presented instead, audiences were left wondering where the revolution was. Where is the "stuff that science fiction writers haven't even dreamt of yet" to which Peter Molyneux, creative director of Microsoft Game Studios Europe, has previously alluded? It might take some time, but it's coming, he tells us; don't be too quick to judge.

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T9X692800d ago

Screw Milo, Fable is where its at :)

zeeshan2800d ago

There is just too much Molyneux every time I visit N4G. Really, he needs to relax and not be an attention whore all the time!

RonRico2800d ago

But, "stuff that science fiction writers haven't even dreamt of yet". that's pretty unbelievable.

lzim2800d ago

silly question, why is it called Milo and Kate? who's kate?